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Surface Rust

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I have a Springfield 1911 with a blued finish. I let a friend handle it and wiped it down. It now has some minor surface rust on the front strap area of the grip. How is the best way to handle this?
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Try some metal polish like Flitz, etc.


Lots of other brands out there, too. If polishing creme doesn't work you may have to try some 000 steel wool with a little Break-Free CLP or Corrosion X.


I bought a couple of extra tubes of MAAS metal polish on sale, if anyone wants a tube to try, let me know.
And don't let your freak-sweated buddy handle any of your guns again!
Clay - Thanks for the info. I had hit it with Breakfree and a cloth when I 1st noticed it. I just checked it a while ago, and it hasn't come back yet, so hopefully that did the trick.

Spackler - Don't worry, he's now toucha non grata on all my guns. And its a little fun to rib him about it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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