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I joined our city police force as a reserve with hopes of adding POST certification to the other instructor's certifications I already have and eventually serving as a primary or assistant weapons instructor. I didn't "spring" this news to them right away for fear that they might see me as some "Rambo wannabe". Instead, I waited until they knew I was serious about wanting to contribute to the force before inquiring about the possibility of POST certification and SWAT/SRT involvement. NOW they tell me that, regardless of training or qualification, NO reserve officer can be an instructor nor can they participate as a member of the city SWAT/SRT teams. This is for full time officers only!

Luckily, I have become acquainted with the county SRT team through their instructor (he shoots with our local IDPA club) and have been able to train with them. I am trying to be brought on as a county reserve since the county has no full time restriction about instructors or team participants. Wish me luck.

I can't afford to join full time. My current job pays twice what an officer makes. I don't make all that much, it's just that they make so little - THAT'S a shame!

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