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The tactical team I am a member of is a regional team comprised of members from various neighboring small departments within the same county. Some departments have one member on the team, other departments as many as ten. I work on a 35 officer department and we have six members assigned to the team. We are considered a "part-time" team by NTOA standards, because each member serves other normal patrol functions but is trained and available for call-outs. (As opposed to a full-time team, which does SWAT training and call-outs round the clock and nothing else).
The tactical team leaders solicit the local departments for members as needed. All of the members on my department, and most of the entire team, have volunteered to be on it. I know of only a few that were assigned by their agency.
Volunteering alone does not guarantee a position, however. You must have served as a full-time officer on your department for three years and have the backing and approval of your chief. One must then attended and pass 56 hour (7 day) school instructed by the team leaders, covering team responsibilities and goals, physical agility testing, range qualification with handgun and sub-gun, room entries, negotiations, etc. We train as a team at least once a month, and bi-annually each member must pass the required handgun, sub-gun, and physical agility standards.

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