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To apply one has to be a year off probation which means 3 years service minimum. The app is then reviewed and commented on by applicant's supervisors for performance in their current duties. Personnel history screened for disciplinary actions as well as comments on semi-annual evals for the preceding 2 years.

Selection board interview in front of the patrol division commander, SWAT commander/XO, a Team leader, a Team member, a psych professional and a citizens review board member. List compiled from that process referred to Team members for peer review and then to the COP for his final approval.

Successful completion of 110-hour in-house selection course which includes PT and weapons qual testing is required.

1 year Team probation during which the FNG serves in perimeter duties (containment, arrest team, gas team) and secondary long rifle position. Completion of selection is rewarded by being 'pinned'.

Separation may be voluntary, or by duty assignment (IAD or Homicide) or by disciplinary action.
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