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SWAT requirements

When I tried out for SWAT with Cleveland PD, you had to have a minimum of 3 years on the job - preferably 5. I had been a policeman for over 13 years at that time. First was a physical agility test, consisting of: pullups (max of 20 @ 5 pts. each)
situps (max of 75 in 2 minutes at 1-1/4 pts. each)
pushups (max of 50 non-stop)
3 mile run (18 minutes for full 100 pts.; 1 pt. off for every 10 sec. after
18 minutes)
Total of 400 pts. possible
Second was a written essay-type test, putting in words why you wanted SWAT, and what special qualifications you could bring to SWAT.
Third was a shooting test. At that time, you had to qualify expert with both the Rem. 870 pump and our issue model 10 .38 special (1986).
Fourth was a test in the 'gas house', where you were extensively exposed to tear gas so that your tolerance would be tested.
Finally, an extensive interview with all SWAT supervisors, including one patrolman.
Cleveland SWAT is a full-time unit, and at that time it consisted of 30 officers.
Best 5 years of my life.
Semper fi,
Dave Swaffield
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