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T/C PTX Bullets in a .45

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I was looking at my muzzleloader bullets the other day and got to wondering about loading some of these in .45 Cases. If you have not seen them they are a polymer tipped 250 gr .45 caliber bullet. I was wondering if maybe someone here had tried them or even had some good load data for a 250 in a .45. Thanks, Sean
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You could use them, given that they are .451", but why? They will not expand at handgun velocities. They are designed for "magnum" muzzle loaders with velocities approaching 2000 fps.
I know that it was just a question I was kicking around. Sean
If you are bored, try this: Melt the lead out of a jacketed hollow point, and replace it with epoxy. Then load it over ba heavy charge of a fast burning powder. I got a 36gr. .357 bullet to go 2400fps out od a 4" revolver.
I have used some of these heavy bullets successfully in a Volunteer Arms Commando 45 using Unique and 2400 powders and sized to .452.

Just wondering if there are any problems using them in a Colt Govt or similar handgun using a heavy recoil spring.

In an article "Taffin Tests..the .45 ACP" in American Handgunner Nov/Dec 1988, John Taffin implies that all the loads presented could be used in the self-loaders. However, test loads for the 250gr Keith bullets were fired from a 6" S&W revolver.

Max loads he suggested for 250gr Keith were 2400 15.0gr; Unique 7.5gr.
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