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It's become apparent to me that many of the FTF's on my 1996A2 may have been due to using ammo without a taper crimp. I tried to inspect the ammo I had on hand (WinClean 185 grain flatnose FMJ and Rem. UMC 230 grain FMJ) this weekend to see if it was crimped. I was not able get a measurement difference between the casing diameter and where the crimp should be. However, using the caliper as a straight edge and gripping the round the long way, I was able to see a little bit of light on the WinClean's where the taper crimp was suppose to be. I did not see anything on the UMC's. I concluded that the WinClean's had a decent taper crimp but the UMC's had none.

Just how critical is a taper crimp to .45ACP? Seems in everything that I've been reading it is very important. If that's the case, why don't all major manufacturers taper crimp their .45ACP? Is a taper crimp USGI spec?

I'm presuming that with 9mm cases being tapered, it's less critical for that round. What about .40S&W and other rounds? Or is it just .45ACP that's susceptible to being pushed back in the case?

Is there a better way to determine if ammo has a taper crimp? If it does not have a taper crimp, will dropping them into your chamber (barrel removed from pistol) as a go/no go gauge work? What should I be looking for?

Anyone have a list of ammo that does/does not have taper crimps?

I know WC has a list of "recommended" ammo and a few brands that they do not guarantee reliability with. Do other custom and semi-custom shops (BCP, Heinie, Vickers, Baer, etc.) have similar ammo recommendations? If so, what are they? If not, what do they do to their guns to allow them to guarantee reliability with a wider range of ammo?

I've noticed that when I load my WC 47D mags with only 7 rounds, they seem to gobble up anything I put in there with no complaints. (Of course, some of you will say that I've just answered my own question....) What I've taken to doing is, if I every have to shoot questionable ammo, I only load 7 rounds in a mag. Is it just me or is the taper crimp issue just a problem on the first round out of 8 round mags?

I've heard a lot recently about taper crimps and their importance. I just think it would be helpful (at least to me) to have a more in depth thread on it. I'm not a reloader, so this is all new to me.


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