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On 2001-06-17 20:10, jm10mm wrote:
A tight chamber could be the cause, or the extractor could need to be tuned and set. Give the gun about 500 rounds of ball and then decide
Orrrr... It could just be LOUSY quality RELOADS!

Come On! A New Gun has FTF's on Remanufactured Ammo... You guys are getting a bit picky, IMHO. Of course, if they were personally manufactured reloads, that I personally supervised the quality of, and knew, without a doubt that there was no variance from round to round, I might have second thoughts, but 'Fred & Ethyl's Quality Reman Ammo' is not my idea of a valid test.

That said... Yes, the chamber may be tight... Maybe the Atlanta Arms ammo runs perfect in a Glock with a loose chamber...

I don't know... I really don't. I would probably guarantee though that Springfield has a disclaimer in their little owners manual that says NOT to use Reloads... I can't imagine that it could be because the QA of some reloads might be non-existent, and cause reliablity problems, but you just never know...

Give the gun an opportunity to break in properly, and feed it good ammo... I just don't understand anyone who would buy a $700 gun, and try to save a couple bucks on ammo, or stick it in a $10 holster.

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Hey GI...

Nothing directed at you personally... Just a comment in general...

I have seen so moany posts over time where people complain about reliabilty, or holsters when they get themselves a "One Size" fits all Nylon and wonder why the gun doesn't carry or conceal well.

On 2001-06-17 22:07, Just a GI wrote:

1. Yes Atlanta Arms isn't the best ammo on the market, but I like to test my guns with all possible combinations so I can find out what it likes since you never know what kind of ammo may be available when you really need it. That's why it's a TEST.
Granted... Okay... Check out Eric at the Ammoman... $109 should get you 500 rounds of decent factory ammo, delivered... I think you can find $100 floating around... Most of the reman stuff probably costs about $9/box 50, so yeah, it's $2 more per box, but worth every penny.

2. Until Uncle Sam increases my allowance I will not be able to buy truck loads of my favorite ammo at once.
Many can't as it is, but I have found that reloading my own hasn't dropped my costs, it has me shooting more often, and increased my typical round count. I still spend about the same money.
3. Please rest assured that the holster/s I get for it will cost more than $10.00. I like quality leather even though none of my hosters are $300 dollar exotics from Sparks and others.
Well... I don't have the bitching cool leather rig, but I do have a couple that run into the 3 digit range. Kydex is a cheap alternative... As long as you don't get one of those 'One Size' fits all Nylon rigs, with the little hammer strap deals, you're doing better than many out there. You can settle with a $20 Fobus, or spend less than $50 for a good holster, or more... Whichever...
4. Please contact your Congressman and have him/her introduce a new bill to increase the pay of enlisted personnel in the military so that we can all afford to buy massive amounts of quality ammo so that we can test our guns out with only the best ammunition on the market.
I have remained very active in voicing my opinions to my reps at all levels, and often push for Military Benefits, and those for Veterans, having served for 8 years through 1989. I continue to have a direct interest today, my youngest daughter is a Navy Spouse, her husband is an E4. They aren't doing too bad... Certainly, there have been a couple adjustments in the last year or so... FWIW, an E6 is making MUCH more today that they were 10 years ago...

5. Have a nice Father's day and a good night.
Thanks... You also, if it applies... I spent the day watching all sorts of racing... NASCAR, IRL, Champ Cars, Trans Am, SCCA Touring cars, and Sports Car / Grand American. Simply a wonderful day for a gasoline junkie...

Again... It wasn't meant directly, just a generalization... Haven't read the Springfield manual lately, but the last one I read (Kahr), they recommended 200 rounds, and use of Factory stuff, before making any judgements, or implementing it for whatever purposes.

To be honest, I have run Wolf ammo through a couple of my guns, especially for times when I don't want to police my brass. I clean very well after, and surprisingly, I haven't had any problems, though it can be tough on extractors with that steel case, I just have noticed it... It went bang every time, and never had a problem chambering. At $80/500, it's probably less expensive than any reman stuff.

Anyway... While I would be unhappy with 3 FTF's in 100-150 rounds, I think I would give it at least 500 to 'settle in' before I rushed to judgement, questioned or proclaimed anything wrong the hardware.


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On 2001-06-18 13:07, Clay wrote:
I have a new Springfield full size Loaded model, and I've fired almost 400 rounds of G.I. WWII surplus ball ammo in it without a single malfunction. Mags were the ones that came with the gun, lube was Break Free CLP.
Yup, I got a couple cans of the GI Surplus stuff... All 742 rounds in the first can went boom, a little dirty, but still decent, and accuracy was okay, although nothing to write home about.

I left the other can sealed for the SHTF scenario, but may crack it open... Hard to beat the price, and I ended up with some nice brass to reload with, although there was some corrossion, it cleaned up nicely.

I was gonna mention the AMU, Tom, just gets those Army guys to order a few pallets of ammo for you, maybe you could swap a few primers :grin:
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