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Prior to my foray into gunsmithing, the Springfield armory pistol I've been
hacking on would jam at LEAST once per 20 rounds. The front sight came off
twice. The plunger tube was loose. The stock safety hit the slide, if you
didn't 'high-thumb' it when firing. The fp stop was _really_ loose. The
extractor was too long and hit the case shoulder hard enough to dent it.

You all saw the bob-job I did on the hammer. I also:

fit Brown fp stop
replace all springs (Wolfe 18.5 vari recoil, extra power fp, stock main)
Nowlin trigger
fit and adjust Brown extractor
polish feed ramp and barrel throat
polish breech face (which was VERY rough)
polish guide rod (also incredibly rough)
install 'red-buf'
polished the part of the slide that rides over the disconnector
packed the rails with JB and 'smoothed' the action a bit (hot water/soap bath

I had a gunsmith install a dovetailed Novack sight.

Lubed with Tetra Grease and CLP

Results: 250 rounds 230gr LRN / 4.8 grain BullsEye -- No Failures
150 rounds 200gr LRNFP / 4.5 grain BullsEye -- No Failures
50 rounds 185gr LSWC / Commercial reloads -- No Failures

I used a mix of 2 Colt, 1 Wilson, and 2 cheap blued Mec-Gar mags from Cheaper
Than Dirt. I'm going to buy more of the Mec-Gar's.

I'm reshaping the hammer a bit more and I've begun gently dehorning the
frame. I'll post pictures when I get a chance. I'm pretty happy with the
results so far!

The old Wilson sight in the rear dovetail still comes loose. I need to
locktight it in.

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Glad to see you're getting positive results. A more aggressive way to make the rear sight stay put is to take a prick punch (conical tip, for staking) and dimple the sight where it fits into the dovetail. The dimple can be put on the bottom or either angle of the sight, the end result is the same. This is ultimately not as good as an oversized sight, but it'll tighten the dovetail up for now.

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I've read about doing this to fix a loose fp stop as well. You mean just take
a sharp punch and put a dimple or two in the bottom of the sight? I'm guessing
that the material displaced by the crater raises a 'ring' that tightens up the
fit, is that right?

Also, how can I tell if a Novak rear sight would fit in this dovetail? I think
they look a lot better. Heinies are awesome, but a bit pricey for me right now.

I'm beginning to get the itch for a grip safety that would give me a higher
ride, but I don't really like the exaggerated beavertail look of most of the
ones I see. Is one brand more 'conservative' than the others?

Thanks Hilton, Roscoe, and others for taking the time to both answer my
questions and post your own experiences. Had I not read all of them, I never
would have attempted any of this. My pistol may not be pretty, but its
reliability is now several orders of magnitude better than it has ever been,
including when it came out of the box.
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