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Range report from today's further testing.

Ammo used this time:
100 rds Federal 230gr.
100 rds PMC 230gr.
50 rds Winchester 230gr JHP
50 rds Speer Gold Dot 230 gr.

Magazines were the same mix as described in previous post.

Results so far... The mac-gar magazine will be used for range purposes only. Had one failure to chamber fully on round 50 this time, coincidentally enough it was the first round in that mag. I ejected the mag, cleared the weapon, reloaded the round and it fed that time. On round four in that same magazine, slide locked to the rear. I can't figure out what happened there.

No other malfunctions were experienced until round 299 when I had a stovepipe. That occurred in a generic magazine that has had its spring and follower replaced with Wilson spring and Wilson round top follower.

The factory mags work just fine.

Lubrication used was CLP once again. I may have been overly enthusiastic with it. :grin:

Accuracy was tested offhand in a highly modified weaver :smile:
7 yds, 8rds within .75in
10 yds, 8rds within 1.0 in
15 yds, 8rds within 2.0 in
25 yds, 8rds within 5.0 in
Time elapsed between shots was approximately 1 second. Don't have a timer so this is my best guesstimate. :grin:

Note to self, I wish I could shoot those one or two inch groups everyone else seems to be shooting at 25. Obviously more range time is needed :grin:

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Congatulations, GI!

It sounds like your Springfield is running very well. You can use the Mec-Gar and the no-name mag for clearance drills. (by round 299, the gun may have become a little bit dirty for top reliability)

Don't feel bad about those groups! For an out-of-the-box 1911, the groups sound good.

I am perfectly satisfied with my one-hole groups at 7 yards.

It's good to hear that your gun is working reliably!


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Actually I just picked up some more ammo today. Winchester WinClean at WalMart for $10.50 a box of 50. The lowest prices I've found on PMC has been $12.95. I agree though the PMC is pretty good stuff. I like their 9mm as well

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This is my recomdation.You already know by know what are the best mags you own,so separate them and use them for serius bussines and the other mag use them to shoot at the shooting range.Second,stick with a defense round wich is reliable in your gun mags, and use reloadead ammo or factory ammo that's not as expensive as the CQB/self defense ammo you want to use in your gun.

Doing this you can buy a can of facory or reloaded ammo to have fun in the shooting range and advise you to shoot a box of 50 rounds of the serius ammo every six months.

I'm not as lucky as you pal,living in mexico were firearms and ammo is almost baned and a box of factory .45 acp runing as high as 50 dollars does not permit me shooting factory ammo but maybe a bos per year, so that's why I reload.

You say you are not a rich man,but at least you can buy factory ammo at 12 dolars (pmc) the box.
You can buy ammo at cheaper than dirth and be glad.

Best regards.

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