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Thankyou Springfield Armory!

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My IDPA club, Middle Tennessee Shooters, has been working hard putting everything together for the 2001 IDPA Southern Regional. We wanted to put a gun on the prise table. We have gotten no help at all from either Kimber or Glock, surprising since both have a very strong presence at the matches. While following the thread on the SA Contingency Program over at the 1911Forum, I called SA to see if they could help us out.

Let me say right now, Jodi at SA has done more for us in a few short weeks than I could imagine. SA is a major player in supporting IDPA. They will be our major sponsor for the Southern Regional and the 2001 IDPA Tennessee State Championship this fall. There will be a brand new SA 1911 in .45 ACP given away at the end of the Southern Regional and the State Match as well.

They took some heat from a few individuals for their Contingency Program which I do not think was deserved. I would just like to say THANK YOU Springfield and THANK YOU Jodi.

And thanks to a couple of others, if they hadn't whined so much, I probably would not have contacted Springfield.
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Outstanding! Kudos to Springfield!

I have been very happy with the one I got recently, and have been steering the die-hard 1911 folks who are shopping in their direction.

I will keep them in mind when our IDPA club gets big enough to hold a large match.
I have been trying to choose between a Kimber and a new SA. That may have just made up my mind. I love to support those who support my causes. Other good companies are Surefire,Blackhawk,Blade-tech and DPMS.
Again, good show by Springfield Armory.
I am putting some bucks down on a Springfield tomorrow.
Well I went to the gun shop today to put the money down and the Springfield was gone.Oh well.Next time I won`t wait so long.
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