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Hows this for an idea: Pick a day and a place for a practical pistol match and invite a rep from each of the major companies. The reps would not bring a gun or magazines, but would be handed a gun manufactured by their company that the officials bought in a regular gunstore, they would be given whatever quantity (if any) of factory ball ammo is stipulated in the manual for break-in. They could break the gun in and clean it and then the match would start. I would be curious to see what falls off, breaks or doesn't work with a stock factory gun with no modifications; or, conversely, which guns worked without a hitch. I think it would be great for a representative of a good company to have his gun humming right along while the representative of a lemon company had to stand up there in front of everyone with his gun malfunctioning, jamming and falling apart before everyone's eyes. Also, only factory mags could be used. It's a pipe dream I know, but I still would love to see it. The guns could be auctioned off after the match for charity.
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