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My friend Paul Kirchner has a new book out. It is entitled THE DEADLIEST MEN. It profiles 50 of the dealiest men of all time. While your choices for this list might not be the same as Paul's, each person chosen is subjected to Paul's well-researched narrative about them and their deeds. Paul has only chosen warriors for inclusion in this book. No generals or politicians who slew their enemies indirectly are included. Nor are those who preyed on the weak. Each subject is noteable due to feats of individual combat against capable opponents. Paul understands fighting, weaponcraft, and the warrior mindset, so the feats of combat are described and analyzed properly, something that is seldom seen in this era of hand-wringing cry-babies.

I had the distinct honor and privilege to review the manuscript for Paul and I can vouch for the excellence of this book. You can find it in the "new releases" section at http://www.paladinpress.com


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