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OK, now that we got it straight that the gun writer thread became FUBARED, I still wanted to give a hoster away just for fun, in addition to getting more folks involved. It is a $95 holster after all and even Dick Heinie hasn't got his yet!

OK here is the deal. You have to ask a gun related question. We need 25 questions. At least one each from 25 people. I'll choose the questions from that data bank and post the test. First registered member to answer all the questions correctly on list wins holster.

Make sense?

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#1 Which manufacturer made the first polymer gun and which model was it?
#2 Which US LE Agency issues Glock 18s?

#3 Who is the dance choreographer on list?

#4 Who "really" built the first 9x23s

#5 What gun and caliber did General George Patton kill his first man in combat with?

JUST 20 more to go :grin:
No David :grin:

You have to wait till we get 25 or more actual questions and I post them as a test.

Add a few of your own here and make them hard :wink:

I have a few left myself :lol:

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I've been a little busy and haven't made up the test yet, David. I was asking for questions not letting you make up the test. That just wouldn't be fair now would it.

Besides I haven't even been able to fulfill my original back orders yet for the GWH so I was in no hurry to give another one away just yet.

There is time........... :grin:
You know what I like best about this list? There are any number of really strong personalities here, most know how to give and take a joke. They seldom let "shit" slide (like guard dogs :grin: and are always willing to give anyone a hand.

Most of them are willing to ask for help or speak their minds :smile:

This place is GREAT!

Nice try on the holster David:) You DID have a chance to buy one for the couple of days I had them in stock :roll:

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Well it isn't a GWH but list member #689 is going to get a cool gift from the Forum:)

But I haven't forgotten the GWH...and teh shark trim should be back instock next week david:) But I won't be around till the following week...sorry.

Make sure EVERYBODY welcomes #689!!!!
Dane had mentioned in another thread that he received that member # when he registered at '1911forum' at Brian Bilby's request.

BINGO ! No dbl registrations from you Canadians either while I am out of house :grin: Hope the poor fool that is #689 owns a 1911 of the gift is in vain :sad:

Looks like today is going to be the one :grin:

Memeber #689 needs to send me a private email with a mailing address!

I have a surprise for you :grin:
I still have a holster for member #689........BEAR

I sent a private email but no normal email address to hook the guy up!

Worse yet by his posts i don't think he shoots a 1911......... :roll:

He still gets a nice 1911 holster if he wants it!

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