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I e-mailed the folks at FN to try to find out what their plans were for the HP SA as the BHP will be called. This is the response that I got back. Hope it is of interest.

Mr. Richardson,

We sell through a distribution system that is primarily law enforcement oriented. However there are several distributors that also sell non-law enforcement. So there is no "restriction" but the pistols will probably not be as readily available as a Browning, for example. We will import a military finished version somewhat like the Browning Mark III. They will be
in both 9mm and 40 S&W. There is a possibility for a 357 SIG later, but there is no work being done at this time.

You are correct in pointing out the vast amount of incorrect information about this model. Browning will continue to sell several 9mm versions of the Hi-Power, including the Mark III, Standard [blued finish], and practical [Bright Slide]. Of course they will continue to offer service at their Arnold, MO facility. We will work with Browning to get our people trained to
service the pistols we sell.

Best regards,

Bill Forson

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Rumor from local retailer was 1200 browning 9mm
to usa this year. no 40s

Saw FN 9mm in Wholsale Flyer this week
good price.

If it was a 40 Id order one just to see what they
look like.
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