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Yup, Tom's book is excellent. Check out the "Tactical Library" thread for others. At a minimum you need:

Givens Fighting Smarter
Gila May-Hayes Effective Defense: The Woman, The Gun, The Plan
Farnam The Farnam Method of Handgunning
Suarez The Tactical Advantage
Cooper Principles of Personal Defense

This is, of course, my opinion only. I also like Chris Bird's The Concealed Handgun Manual.

Tom's book is probably the best overview of the current state of pistolcraft and personal tactics. It's well reasoned and pretty well written (although it could have used a good editor/proofreader in a couple of spots). I'm a writer by trade, so things like that bug me :smile:. Doesn't detract from the quality of the information, though.

Also at the top o' the heap is Gila May-Hayes's book. Don't be put off by the title. It's not for women only. She brings a truly refreshing perspective to the concept of self defense. It's the book I recommend the most to first-time gun buyers or those who are reconsidering their ideas of personal security. It's a great read for anyone who owns or carries a gun, but I think she covers the emotional and moral aspect of gun ownership better than anyone else out there. I've given away four or five copies to friends and coworkers. I'm really excited that she's put out a second edition.

You should always read everything you can get your hands on. It's like working with different trainers -- you pick up something new from each. Or one writer may explain something in a way that makes more sense to you personally.

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