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Trigger jobs?

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There are a zillion triggers parts out there now. Who's are you guys using and which do you like the best?
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I like the Dlask trigger medium length, mated to a nice hammer and sear from A6. A lightweight hammer with side relief, and the sear with a full half cock notch.

More importantly Dane let me ask you something. What hammer hook angle do you prefer. You like the 90 degree, the print 86 degree, or something in between? What about hammer hook height, and sear engagement remaining after the relief angle is cut.

I like to get to the nitty gritty of things.

So far I like .025 height hammer hooks at 88 degrees and .020 sear engagment. For a general use carry gun, target gun I haven't played with yet.

if it flies it dies, if it runs it's done

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For Hammer & Sears I use Nowlin and S/V
For triggers STI,Nowlin,Videki
Tom Novak

Novak's Handgunner Outlet
I like C & S hammer and sears. King's makes a pretty decent trigger.
On 2001-04-23 09:33, Peter Zahn wrote:
So far I like .025 height hammer hooks at 88 degrees and .020 sear engagment. For a general use carry gun, target gun I haven't played with yet.
What kind of trigger pull weight do you get with that? Any creep? When you say .02 sear engagement, do you mean that .02 of the top of the sear is touching the hammer hooks? How much relief angle do you have?
depending on the spring tension it can be 4-5 lbs. Yes .020 touches the hooks. Relief angle on the sear is 45. I haven't tried a .020/.020 arrangement yet, thats next.
Behlert Hi Std sear notch

I guess Ill have to admit it. My Hi Std type notch always worked great. In fact Im getting prices on my Browning hammer sear set now and hope to have them soon . If you look at the sear engagement in a Hi Std you will find only about 010 engagement. When I first got the idea I tried it on a 45 hammer which I milled out of tool stl. I cut the slot in line with the mounting hole and the trigger pull was 3 1/2 lbs. By changing the angle of this slot I got down to 2 lbs with no hammer drop on letting the slide slam on an empty chamber. My Ruger Mk11 set droppedin at 2 1/4 lbs and the Brng set at 4 1/2 plus. I came out with a 4 lb pull on the Desert Eagle hammer with no creep. The breakaway with this method is like an isicle. I kept the heatrreat at 48/52
Peter Zahn said:
...So far I like .025 height hammer hooks at 88 degrees and .020 sear engagment....
From a practical point of view, a 90 degree angle on the hammer hooks is much easier to achieve. It's easier to adjust the primary sear angle to get a neutral to positive sear engagement angle.
My smith used a STI sear and a McCormick Locke hammer on my Kimber that I use for L10,,,it was breaking at around 2 lbs when it left the shop. So, far nearly 1,000 rounds with no problems.

So, when it came time to do my own trigger work on my Springfield, I chose the same parts. I wasn't as agressive in removing metal, but I got a nice crisp trigger at about 3 to 3.5 lbs.

i've had good luck using king's long triggers and nowlin pro-match sears. hammers? everything from MGW to STI.

I've had good results using Nowlin sears mated to McCormick hammers,
though they be investment castings. They do often require careful
stoning to get equal side-to-side engagement, though.

Factory Colt hammers are good, too. Some guys just gotta have that
McMormick style loop. I try to use a machined barstock hammer whenever

I also use a little different relief angle on the sears...30 degrees seems to
give a clean break without reducing the primary engagement. My feeling
is that it's a little stronger. Of course, since I had a bad experience with
a cracked sear years ago, I tend to err on the side of caution.
(Nobody got hurt, but the Frigidaire died a slow, agonizing death)

I do different hammer hook height for different applications...I don't
use less than .022 for a carry or duty gun...Not less than .020 for a
range toy.(IDPA or IPSC)...and .018 is my limit for a slow-fire,
bullseye gun...Again, I tend to be a little overcautious, and thus any
trigger work that I do generally doesn't result in less than a 4-pound break,
sometimes with just a hint of creep. Better that than shot.

Since I'm no longer a practitioner, my work is pretty much pro bono...
mainly correcting problems or resolving issues for the guys that I shoot
with and cops that have dropped too much of their hard-earned salary on a
pistol that they can't afford to send off for fixin'.

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When they were available, I liked the CMC wire EDM hammers
with an Ed Brown 'perfection' sear, and always have liked the
consistency of a Videcki trigger.
The next time I build a 1911, it will be with Dane's trigger group,
which was just coming to market about the time my Delta was
Mr. Behlert,

When and how could one get notified when/if your BHP triggers and sears become available?

hammer sear sets

When and if I get the sets going again, they will be for BHP first and 1911 next. I never had a complaint about hammer bite with the BHP so Ill be glad to help. I will advertize it on this forum.
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