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I've had good results using Nowlin sears mated to McCormick hammers,
though they be investment castings. They do often require careful
stoning to get equal side-to-side engagement, though.

Factory Colt hammers are good, too. Some guys just gotta have that
McMormick style loop. I try to use a machined barstock hammer whenever

I also use a little different relief angle on the sears...30 degrees seems to
give a clean break without reducing the primary engagement. My feeling
is that it's a little stronger. Of course, since I had a bad experience with
a cracked sear years ago, I tend to err on the side of caution.
(Nobody got hurt, but the Frigidaire died a slow, agonizing death)

I do different hammer hook height for different applications...I don't
use less than .022 for a carry or duty gun...Not less than .020 for a
range toy.(IDPA or IPSC)...and .018 is my limit for a slow-fire,
bullseye gun...Again, I tend to be a little overcautious, and thus any
trigger work that I do generally doesn't result in less than a 4-pound break,
sometimes with just a hint of creep. Better that than shot.

Since I'm no longer a practitioner, my work is pretty much pro bono...
mainly correcting problems or resolving issues for the guys that I shoot
with and cops that have dropped too much of their hard-earned salary on a
pistol that they can't afford to send off for fixin'.

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