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At a recent tactical team training, I began experiencing malfunctions with my department issued Glock 22. The slide was locking back repeatedly on loaded magazines.
Several tests and inspections revealed the cause to be one particular magazine.
The magazine is question was a 15 round LE Only "drop free". The feed lip on this mag
displayed a crack down the front (extending down from the square cut-out notch for the follower to contact the slide stop). This front portion of the magazine lip was bent and flared outward, allowing the follower to ride higher. This front portion of the mag is metal reinforced up to a point about 1/8 inch down from the top. This unreinforced area is what had cracked and flared outward.
Inspection of my other Glock mags, including those on my duty belt, (as opposed to those on my tactical team vest) showed that the newer ones are metal lined all the way to the top; the metal reinforcement being flush with the top front of the mag.
Glock apparently was aware of this problem and has seemingly corrected it.
Comparing the two types of mags, one can differentiate by looking at the "Glock,Inc Smyrna,GA 9.13.94" imprint between the witness holes. On the older drop free mags, the "94" sits above the 5/4 witness hole numbers. On the nwer, better reinforced mags, the 4 in 94 is even across with the 5/4 counter imprint.
As I have only 15 round LE only mags, I can't say if this holds true for the "politically correct" ten rounders.
Thought this info may be worth sharing.
Safe shooting,
Mark Garrity

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Thanx for sharing this information.

I am sure that the folks in Smyrna would replace this or any other faulty mag, probably at no charge to you. I have never had a customer service problem with them.

Let us know what happens!
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