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I am waiting for my Glock 40 to arrive, half way there, only 3 months to go, unfortunately when it arrives our laws are likely to have changed, thanks to the idiots in our Government, and I will be no longer permitted to own the pistol in its current format, If I want to keep it I will need to change its caliber when it arrives to something that is 9mm/.38 or less, have looked but can not see a 6" Lone Wolf barrel in 357 Sig. 9x25 is not really an option here as there is no ammo, and 10 mm cases are rare, plus a Dillon die set costs around US$ 210.

Does anyone know if LW make a 6" 357 Sig conversion barrel for the Glock 40? It is the only caliber here with available ammo, other than 9mm, and it should function well in the standard magazines, which I will also have to change to the 10 round model

Just as an aside, seeing as I am only allowed 1 caliber, (1 gun with 2 different caliber barrels is deemed to be 2 separate complete firearms here), can I ream the chamber out on another 357 Sig barrel with a 357 Sig reamer to give what would be a 357 Sig magnum, a lengthened chamber with the same bottleneck dimensions, so I can resize and reload 10 mm cases using 357 dies.

The Glock was purchased to control feral hogs on the property, my 38 Super Tangfoglio was not enough gun and I think 357 Sig will not be either. Advice from anyone in the know would be appreciated to help stop a Glock 40 being melted down, there is not much help here.
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