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USP Expert Vs. USP

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I need a full-size HK .45. Is there an appreciable difference in accuracy and smoothness/lightness of the trigger between the Expert and the regular USP?
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Appreciable difference, yes but it is subjective some people strongly dislike the Expert triggers.

The Expert's different trigger pull is not a big improvement, I would say it is more of a subtle improvement.

IMO is is definitely not worth the extra cost in purchasing the Expert over the Tactical and before you think me to be a heretic I own each model in 9mm through .45 and yes I am one of the guys that paid an awful lot to CCF for European model Experts.
I have an HK USP 45 with fixed sights, and I probably would have rather bought a Tactical 45 instead, except at the time, I didn't want to spend the extra money. Is the difference in accuracy and velocity enormous, or slight? HK says it's ok to use a Tactical barrel in a USP, but if you plan to use a silencer, you have to buy their special recoil suppression system. I think these barrels cost about $225.00, so I might be better off trading in my USP towards a Tactical, next big gunshow. I suppose if I plan to get a concealed gun permit, my USP was made for that, but they would probably laugh at me if I registered an HK Tactical 45 as a CCW gun.

If you need a HK 45 cal. gun, the tactical is the best. All the best features of the more exotic versions, but in a more usable size. Great gun with lots of possibilites.
Hi Robe! I was wondering what happened to you!

The Tactical is a very good choice as has been stated.I owned one and liked it until I got my hands on the Expert series!

I currently own a 9+40 Expert and would have to say that the trigger is only slightly better than the Tactical but night and day from a stock USP!

Since I use my 40 Expert as a competition gun I have modified the trigger group and it is faster than any HK you have ever laid your hands on! So much so that I have had to learn how to shoot it all over again!
What mods did you do to the trigger group?
As per routine I deburred and polished all contact areas as well as all flat surfaces. The rest was quite by accident as well as some knowledge I have gained in doing other HK trigger jobs on ones that I use to own.

Having a supply of early trigger parts on hand helps. I got the bright idea to try and lighten the draw bar and lets just say ooppps! So I happened to have an early model one so I prepped it and then I remembered that the old style triggers have different geometry so I got one of those out as well as a stock trigger return spring. Since my Expert 40 came with a bobbed hammer as extra I took the original hammer and put it away and went to work on the bobbed one. I basically stoned approx. 5/1000 of the hook which should be done to follow the radius of the hammer and then stoned the face of the hook.
I then used white grease (Brownnells) on the sear and hammer hook and Mpro7 on the remainder of the parts during reassembly.

I also use the grease on the slide rails as it was designed for SS. After it was all back together I racked it pulled the trigger and went oooooow! Now what I found was that you do not need a trigger stop screw with the way that I set mine up also it became single action only and the trigger resets faster. A matter of fact the trigger will reset even if you don't let off the trigger! You still have to let off in order to drop the hammer but not as much as the original setup. I measured it for wieght of pull and it let's off clean at 2 3/4 lbs.

I had a Grand Master IPSC friend of mine shoot a 5 pin table while I timed him and he ran a 3.08 second time and cleared the table! He gave his nod of approval
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I tell friends that the difference between the USP and Expert is like the difference between the Toyota Camry and the Lexus ES300.
The Expert does have a lighter trigger, but match trigger kits can be retro-fit to any full size USP, the adjustable sights can also be retro-fit, but my USP is dead on w/ fixed sights, so that's a wash too.
Personally, I can shoot my USP very accurately as is. The difference is that it take more effort to shoot as consistently as I do w/ my Expert.
Hope I didn't confuse :???: you!
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