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USP for novice - opinions?

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Hello all;
I'm a new shooter, switching over to "Real Steel" from airsoft replicas (don't worry; I'm 37) where my HK armory consisted of an MP5A4 (all metal, decked out), an MP5K (that I could swith to an SP89), and the SOCOM w/suppressor. In my lifetime I've also shot a few rifles and a .357 Magnum once. I've decided to purchase a USP, either a .40 Compact or the .45 Tactical. Considerations:
- This may be the only handgun I ever buy
- I'm buying for several reasons, including a general interest in shooting, possible gun games, and home/self protection
- I don't foresee the need/desire to carry, concealed or otherwise (but you never know)
- I will be shooting primarily at an indoor range
- I'm not tall, but my hands are not small
- The $200+ price difference is not that important.
So... opinions re: best choice (.40C or .45T) considering my needs/experience (or lack thereof)?

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If it was me, and this might be my only gun Id consider either the 9mm or 45. I have two 40 calibers and have grown to feel the 40 S&W as being an unnecessary caliber. The 9mm will be a great economical caliber for lots of shooting at the range with enough oomph for home defense. The 45 while maybe a bit more expensive to shoot is bigger and starts off with a bigger hole in the bad guy. NOt entirely a bad thing IMHO.

The USP is a great firearm in either caliber. It's also not a bad choice for a newbie to semi-autos. Kept in first shot DA mode with safety on, and following good safety practises, it's as safe as it gets.
If I were in your shoes - I'd buy the Tactical for a few reasons.

1. It is an amazingly accurate gun. Sure - the 40C is accurate outta the box too, but the Tactical is MUCH more so.

2. The trigger gets sweeter and sweeter the more you shoot (adjustable Match Trigger)

3. Less felt recoil than the 40C. Bigger gun and dual springs... this combined with the lower pressure 45ACP helps.

4. Better resale if you decide not to keep it (although that's VERY unlikely).

5. If concealability is not an option in the near future - go for the Tac 'cause it's a TAC!

I'm not pooh-pooing the 40C - I have a USP40C and a USP9C (as well as a USP 45F and a Tac and a couple of P7M's.......) and really enjoy them. I just think that the Tactical is much more of a gun and more versatile all things considered. It CAN be used for CCW (I have done so) so that's not totally ruled out.

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I get asked this question several times a week by email and if I had to choose one USP model it would be the USP45c with SS finish and Trijicon tritium sights ordered with at least 6 spare mags.

For carry I would go with an Alessi CQC or a Rosen ARG for IWB carry and a kydex paddle holster for general owb carry.

I would replace the hammer spring with a 10lb Wolff unit and once the pistol is broken in you will have a really great "all around" pistol system.

My two .45USPs shoot sub 1.5" groups with Pro Loads excellent 230gr GD jhp+P and recoil is modest with excellent reliability.
Thanks for the help, folks. I'm currently leaning toward the 45F. Love the Tac, but I'd probably end up replacing those sights, so it makes more sense to go for the 45F and get the $100 match trigger job if I so choose. Or maybe the LEM, if/when that becomes an option.

More questions: Does the match trigger makes a big difference? Does the longer o-ringed Tac barrel greatly improve accuracy? Would either of these enhancements make a difference to a novice shooter?

David, why would you change the hammer spring?

The trigger is not worth the $100 difference, the barrel does make a difference especially at longer ranges and I have little use for a pistol with a 10lbs trigger pull so I replace the spring with a Wolff spring and enjoy a much smoother and easier to shoot pistol.
Taking delivery of my USP45C in stainless a the end of the month. I know where I can get the Wolff hammer spring, but question is, who's got the best prices on the Trijicon Tritium sights? And will installing the Wolff spring void my warranty?
Thanks in advance.
Brownells prices are very good and they carry the sights in stock.

Replacing the spring with a Wolff if done by an HK approved/certified armorer should not violate/void your warranty.
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