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Volunteer Reserve Officers

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I just moved into my town, and I am tossing around the idea of perhaps becoming a reserve PD officer. It's unpaid volunteer, which doesn't bother me, and the chief only requires reserves to train to Level II, he says this is to prevent cutting into, and jeopardizing, the civilian job because of PD work, which makes sense to me. The required training would be 16 hours of duty per month, plus 4-8 hours of training.
My main dilemma right now is that I'm already in the Guard, which requires the standard two days a month, plus deployments, and I will soon (hopefully) be doing an additional one day a week flying. My better half is understandably less than enthusiastic about the idea, mainly because she's worried I might get hurt, and partly because of time considerations.
I will already have my CCW permit, and I figure I should be able to help out the PD a bit, not just stand around with my thumb up my ass, and wait for them to do everything. I don't want to play Dirty Harry, but I don't want to have to just stand back and watch a robbery happen in front of me, and do nothing about it because my permit restrictions won't allow me to. I could try and make a citizen's arrest (if I don't get laughed out of the room), but if someone even saw my gun, I could risk losing my permit, because it wasn't an "immediate threat to life or limb."
I'm looking for anybody who is or was a reserve officer, and any thoughts on the issue. Would being a reserve officer just be a hassle, or is it worth the time and effort? And I mean a hassle in terms of paperwork, politics, etc., not the time and training involved. How are reserve officers usually handled, are they treated and assigned like regular officers, or are they assigned to the crap details that nobody else wants? Thanks.

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I've got about 4 years in now as a reserve officer, and I can tell you it has been worth every minute. Where I'm from we are trained just like the full time guys and have the same duties ad them, and the same uniform, I've never noticed an attitude toward us from the full timers, and say go for it!!!
I'm about to pass my first anniversary as a Reserve Officer with my home town PD. We are actually paid, if you call $7.50/hr pay, and we are treated and outfitted exactly like the regular duty officers. We do not have to attend the Academy (8 consecutive weeks) since we all have other "real" jobs but otherwise receive the same training as the regular officers.

It is worth it to me because I can take security duty at ball games, parades and other functions while allowing a patrol officer to continue to do his/her regular job. Without us, they would have to work OT or go understaffed. Since we only cost money when we are actually on duty, it saves the city a great deal of money. Far from being "looked down on" by regular officers, we are very much appreciated by the guys and gals around here. Most of the duty we get are things they would rather not have to deal with anyway.

If you are not a sworn Police Officer who is a graduate of a State Police Academy you do not have arrest powers in my state. The Reserve Officers such as you guys are talking about, are more or less an upaid extra pair of eyes and ears who can direct traffic and what ever else ordered by a sworn Officer but can not write citations or make arrests. This is a good way to find out if you want to make Law Enforcement your career, before jumping all the way in and going to the academy.


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