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war bag

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Ok most of us carry extra equipment in our cars such as spare ammo, traffic wands etc,
so what do you guys carry, in your bag?
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Hmm, lessee . . . jumper cables & gas can (a given for everyone, I assume), hiking boots, first aid kit, blanket, fire extinguisher, flashlight (with spare batteries) & multitool. I need to add a can of Fix-a-Flat.

I put together a similar kit for my wife's car.

EDIT: (Oops, sorry, forgot which forum I was in. I'm not a LEO, so what I carry in my trunk probably isn't relevant.)

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Surefire M2 and spare batteries and lamp assembly for same, TOPS Storm Rider knife, Leatherman Wave, Hatch gloves, space blanket (the tin foil looking thing), spare socks, 25' parachute cord, spare cuffs, pocket hand/foot warmers, bottle of Aspirin, Triple K baton.

I also carry a fitted and tuned extractor, slide stop, firing pin, recoil spring, firing pin spring and slide stop for my 1911.
Aside from all the paperwork...

In no particular order:
Two extra pairs of handcuffs, a SUREFIRE light, Leatherman Wave, CPR Mask, latex gloves, anti-bacterial gel, binoculars, spare MK IV canister OC spray, Mad Dog SEAL ATAK, four spare pistol magazines, flex cuffs, spare handgun, RBR ballistic helmet, gas mask, shooting/first aid kit, spit mask, bandaids, aspirin.

Usually everything but what I need at the particular time. I have three "warbags", not incl. the weapons bags (MP-5, AUG-P, 870).
-Extra uniform--to include underwear, socks, and t-shirt (I learned that from my first FTO and it has paid off several times)
-Extra jacket
-Bag with report writing materials and reference books
-AR with 5 mags
-Jumper cables

I used to carry more, but since getting on the dive-rescue team, 1/2 my trunk is taken up by dive stuff. I pray that I will get a Tahoe soon and have lots more room.
I've tried consolidating most of the support gear in one bag, but that's gets unwieldy. Fortunately, I've got an assigned cruiser and can keep the several tac bags/brief cases where I want them. Since the jurisdiction is fairly small (fourteen square miles) and I live nearby, I can leave spare uniforms, boots, and so forth at home or in the locker.
War bags - well, after going on LOTS of out of state Controlled Deliveries (right, Andy?), I have expanded my list of stuff I carry in the company car.

4 spare pairs of cuffs, 2 pair of leg shackles, OC, 7P, Millennium, and Stinger lights with batteries (except the Stinger is hard wired and charging,) a GPS, roll of toilet paper, complete desert survival kit and first aid kit, 2 days' spare clothes, Blackhawk load bearing vest w/holster & gunbelt, spare AUG & MP-5 mags, ammo for everything, portable radio, charger, & spare battery, Fobus collapsible shoulder stock for the Glock, chargers, batteries, entrenching tool, tow strap, narco-test kits, Glock field knife (if it breaks, who cares?), laptop with portable printer, 35 mm camera & 20 rolls of film, evidence bags and seals, etc., etc.

Essentially, everything I carry is something that I have needed in the field more than once, so I don't get caught without anymore. I get lots of jokes made about it, but when someone needs something I usually have it, and I chastise them and make them pay a price in putting up with my crap before I give it to them! :grin:
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We have taken home cars and most of our guys have boxes in their trunks with all of their spare ammo and cop stuff stored safely out of harms way. All of our cars have shotguns mounted in the drivers compartment with electric locks and personal rifles can be carried in the trunk if you can qualifty with them. Most everybody carries a few boxes of extra ammo in their trunks for their duty weapon and backups.

Guys, I'm not a LEO but this thread has caught my interest (albeit some months later) so please bear with me.

In your own lingo, so to speak, is a 'War Bag' standard SOP, as in does the department issue something called that or is it just a bag (or container) of your choice where you pack all the necessary stuff?

Any particular type of bag or brand that you guys use / prefer?

Reason my asking is because I've been looking into ideas for other types of bags / cases to expand on a line I'm currently working on. It all started with the Range Bag idea months ago here on the list (some of you might have read the thread). One of the other bags that I had in mind was a combo, AR15 plus MP5 (for e.g.), bag.

Many thanks in advance and just in case anyone's got an idea or two, I'm all ears. Please feel free to email me offline. And just in case this posting offends anyone, please kindly accept my apologies.

The "war bag" is just a term for what most carry their essential stuff for work. Some obviously carry a great deal more and some go with the essentials. I used to use a bag that I think Galls made which carried most of what I needed in the front seat during patrol. In the trunk was most of the additional items such as spare batteries, evidence recovery items, ammo, etc. We had blankets and flares which were issued and stocked every week. I carried one extra pair of boots, camera, extra shirt at the District. I did carry several pairs of cuffs. And if I thought about it long enough I am sure there is stuff I carried I would have never used until...... :eek:
Thanks, S4BAILEY. Appreciate it.
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