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We Need Some HK Pics

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I thought the HK Section could use a few pics to liven things up.

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Nice pics Dave. And it aint bragging if it is true!
Very sweet combo. What do think of either black-T or green-T on the carbine?
I'm not sure, I beleive it depends on what your purpose is?
I don't reccomend the teflon finishes like T on any carbine that will be fired extensively or in long rapid fire strings as it will and does "cook off". I've actually had this happen to me twice, once on an MP5 issue gun that had been refinished in Balck T and the second time on my Wilson M4 with Armor Coat. The M4 cooked off during a carbine course I was taking, it was pretty ugly, the stuff began to blister, then fell off in large chunks. I had it refinished and sold it off, with a warning to the buyer.
David: I considered Black-T or Green-T on the plastic stock only just out of my preference for black guns. I'm glad you posted your experience on Tefon coating on parts that get hot. I've read somewhere that these Teflon coatings can withstand temp up to 500 deg F for a (very?) short time.

We are talking seriously hot and long range sessions. Hot enough that holding the weapon without gloves is impossible.

On the other hand I have a Marlin .444 custom rifle in Birdsong Black T that is a great hunting/country rifle and I ahve no qualms about it's finish.
I would post a pic but it is at the smiths now getting Ashley sights put on it and trigger work.
Ive posted this pic a thousand times, but I cant help it, I love my HK!
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My GF making a decision how to dress for the evening

Easy decision in the end. :grin: And no, her finger isn't on the trigger.

HMMMM. I can't seem to be able to post the pics. Any suggestions?

Thanks David, I must have had a brain cramp. :sad:

PS. She's going to kick my ass for posting these if she ever sees them. I can already hear it. I didn't have my hair done. The lighting was terrible. How could you? Oh I'm in for it now. :grin:

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You linked to the logged page and your sessions expired.
Use the view or edit pages and post the link with the
after without a space.
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This is my USP .40

Stay Alert, Stay Alive

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Here is a not so great pic of my usp's. The Expert is a 40 and is my newest - a 10th anniv gift from my wife. The others are a 45 and 9mm compact and the 50th Anniv ltd edition 45 in it's presentation box.

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Hi folks. Came over from AW.net
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HK USP .45 Fullsize SS

230gr. Remington Golden Sabers

Chris Reeve Knives' MKVI

I did it, I did it. :smile:

Thanks for the help, David

Do it right, or not at all

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Come on, lots of HK's out there. I would like to see more, if you guys are willing/able.
You want pictures?!? Fine.

Here are a few more from my 'personal' collection :wink:

(Above) All decked out UMP.....

(Above) Here's me (about 20 pounds ago) with the PDW....

(Above) The PDW....

(Above) Once again yours truly (30 pounds ago) shooting the UMP - Full Auto Selected.....

(Above) Moi again playing with the G36 (note the GSSF cap - sending mixed signals to fool the enemy :wink: )....

(Above) Shhhh... the MP5-SD One of my personal favorites.

Park Cities Tactical
Yeah - I got one of everything...

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Alright Stephen we hate you now as some of us have not had the oppurtunity to spend some time behind the trigger on a PDW yet........
Yeah, what David said.

I haven't even seen any UMP, MP5's or G series in person.

The closest I've been is a HK91.

Love to get a 53 or 93, or the UMP .45 or a...nevermind, too many.
I finally had the chance to load up some pictures of a H&K P7 with custom mammoth ivory grips which I am particularly fond of.

The grips can be acquired from Werner Mummert at: http://www.freehandpipes.de/

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