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Hello. As you know, I don't own one of these! I have shot a couple of them and they were reliable and accurate, very accurate. Out of the box, the trigger is quite good. The rear sight is adjustable and probably the goofiest looking I've seen, but has positive click adjustments and I'm told that they do hold zero.

I believe that these guns are handfitted and there's reportedly some kind of spring that pushes the bbl's locking lugs up into the slides grooves for a tight bbl-to-slide fit.

Muzzle flip is greatly reduced due to the muzzle weight that appears to be part of the slide. The guns that I've seen all had spur hammers and the magazine disconnect is not in the trigger as
in other HPs. It does NOT mess up the trigger pull.

I think that these guns come standard with Pachmayer wrap-around rubber stocks. I've seen one that appeared blued and another that was kind of a green parkerized.

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