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What is your duty issue weapon ?

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Gotta get the ball rollin' somehow. We'll take it easy and go nice and sloooooowwww.

What is your current duty weapon? What was it before your current carry?

Mine - Para Ordnance P13-45 Limited S/S.
One of the lucky ones who gets a choice of carry.
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My current duty weapon is a Glock 22. Previous duty weapons have included S&W 5943, S&W 5903, and Ruger Police Service-Six for uniform, Colt Combat Commander for plainclothes.
Hello. I'm retired now, but for the last few years it was a Browning HP 9mm MkIII with a few subtle modifications. Before that, it was a Springfield LW Gov't Model .45ACP. Back when I first started, it was an S&W M10 Heavy Bbl in .38 Spec. From there, I went to a 4" S&W M19 and then we were allowed to go to semis.

Primary: Usually a Kimber Custom Classic or a Colt G.M.
Backup: Glock 23, S&W 1917 or another G.M. or Commander.

Carry on!
Jim Higginbotham
Sig Sauer P229, previously in order
Sig 228, S&W 1076, Sig M11, Beretta M9,
Colt 1911.
Past: Colt Government
While assigned to MultiAgency Swat: Glock 21
Currently: Kimber Custom Classic
Near Future (I Hope): Danes Incredible Custom Kimber
For 12 years a s&w mdl 686 4inch, 3 years ago semi-auto-transitioned to a sigpro 2340 in 40 s&w cal. No input on what I carry,they said here carry this.
It all changes off duty, 1911's rule here!
Sig P229, DAO, uhhh. The chief picked them out, he got a special on them. Isn't that nice. I'm not a real fan of compact pistols in a duty gun, I like a full size piece. Off duty I've been carrying a Glock 36. They won't let us carry a 1911 at any time, it's too scary for them to have me carrying around a cocked gun. Idiots. The department I will be going to later this summer is ruled by 1911's and Sigs. I'll take either, but will probably go with my lightly customized Springfield. A P220, or P226 wouldn't hurt my feelings, either.


I carry a Colt Agent for back-up. Previously a Taurus 85
When I first hired in we used S&W model 15's, then went to our current duty gun which is a model 65. Now we will be transitioning to the Glock 22. We all know a partially cocked pistol with no external safeties is a lot safer than a 1911(I don't count the lever in the trigger as an external safety), right!?
When has S&W M-66 revolvers. 4" for patrol and 2 1/2" for detectives. Now we all carry S&W 4586, .45 ACP DAO with 230 Hydra Shok for ammo. We have had a very good experience with the pistols over the past 8-10 years. The only complaint is the pistol is a little big and heavy for a suit and tie, especially given the issue leather. Does a lot better in Lou's DOJ.

Well, let's see... When I left the academy, we had issued a SW Model "CS-1", in .357 mag. This was a 686, with a 3 inch tube, with a round, K-frame butt. These guns were REALLY tight, and shot great, until they got about 30 rounds through them, then they needed cleaning!

After arriving at my first office for 10 minutes, I turned in the wheelgun and strapped on a Series 80 SS Colt 1911 in .45, with LOT of carry/reliability mods. This was backed up with either a SS Officer's Model or a Glock 17, with a Colt Agent on my ankle. Winter time often found a Python or SW-625-2 in a shoulder rig, especially when on airborne patrol.

After a few years they said we couldn't carry single action guns anymore. It was a sad day for the agency, and we all cried...

Then they said personally owned guns were OK, as long as the revolvers were made by Colt, SW, or Ruger, and the pistols were DA first shot capable, and made by SW, Colt, Ruger, Sig, Walther, Glock, H&K, or Beretta. The calibers were limited to .38 Sp., .357 Mag, 9mm, .40SW, 10mm, or .45ACP.

So I carried a Glock 21 or 17 in uniform, a Glock 30 in plainclothes, and a Glock 26 on the ankle.

Then they changed the policy 18 months ago, and said: Uniformed personnel will carry Glock 17's. Plainclothes personnel will carry Glock 19's. End of story.

We are all still crying. :sad:
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We are lucky in that we can carry whatever we want as long as we qualify with it and the chief approves of the weapon. I currently carry a Beretta 92FS on duty, S&W 6906 off duty and plan on adding a Walther PPK/S .380 and a Sig P220 to me line up come qual time.
I'm issued a Glock 27 but can carry my 1911 (qualified & approved). The best thing about the Glock is that I can purchase it for a dollar when I retire, which ain't too far away.
We're issued the 4506-1 for uniform, 457 for detectives.

Non-uniform assignments, off-duty and backup is pretty open. I'm using the S&W 3913 at the moment . . . skinnier enough for better trigger control than the 457, which is ok.

Company issue is a stainless S&W 686 w/5" tube. Great gun and very accurate with those target sights. Not great for reloading fast and I have to wonder why they don't issue speedloaders of some kind.

Hopefully, by the end of month I will be transitioning to a Colt 1991. I don't care for the S80, but I don't mind having a second 1911, and a Colt, and I can now send my Springfield off for repairs without feeling naked.
Current issue duty weapon is S&W 4006. Prior to that it was S&W 5906, 686 and 67. Back up gun is S&W 640-1 and off duty weapon is S&W Shorty 40 Mk. 3.
Started in late '73 with a S&W mod. 10, then a 64,66,Sig 226,Glock 17, Glock 22, currently S&W Perf. Ctr. CQB .45. (S&W 640 .38 back up.) All have been very reliable, except the Glock 22 which malfunctioned at the worst possible time.
We have finally dumped are S&W 4046 paperweights for HK USP45s.
Most days a Glock 22. Others BHP. In the past it has been Sig229, Beretta (9mm&.40) and Glock.

No I'm not crazy just hard to keep an issued gun when your wife gets transfered and you change jobs.
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