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What Is Your Favorite Holster?

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Most of us that have been shooting for a while have a drawer full of holster designs that sounded good at the time. I think part of this is due to how individual holster comfort is, or how much comfort you demand. I tend to use IWB holsters more than any other design. I have found really small design variances can make a huge difference in comfort. A single annoying seam can render a holster virtualy unuseable for me.

My bias is affected by my prefrence for single stack 1911s. However, I do have a thing for N-frame revolvers and a new carry double stack, which has made me look hard for holsters that work IWB with chunky guns. A holster also has to be comfortable enough to drive a car while wearing. Tough job to please everyone, which is why most of us have gone through so many holsters. With the For Sale forum added here, some of us might consider cleaning out the our holster drawers.

My new favorite holster is the GWH designed by Dane Burns. Yeah, yeah, I know, that does sound like a plug for Dane (or Lou Alessi), who makes the holster), but honest, this holster design is simply a better mouse trap. As well it should be. Dane has been evolving the design for more than a decade now, and most know he demands real world performance in his equipement.

Anyway, I have been carrying my STI double stack in this holster and I gotta say I am amazed at how well it works. One of the things that has always been a problem (for me) is getting a belt attachment that doesn't end up printing. Invariably this happens with snap loops. Part of the secret of this holster is the rawhide that is used on the backside of the tunnel loop. It is really flat and very secure. What you end up with is a nearly flush method of attachemnt. This allows cover material to glide over the attachment point and not print. The pistol seat deeply, yet still allows you to get a full purchase on the butt of the pistol. This is the IWB holster I have been searching for.

Enough rambling. The GWB is now my favorite IWB holster. What is yours and why is it your favorite? What makes it work for you?

BCP/Alessi GWH

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I like Wild Bill's Speed Scabbard. I do have a drawer-full, but this one just seemed to "feel" right as soon as I tried it. It broke in quite easily, and is quite comfortable. It's quick, but also secure. Workmanship is A-1. Only downfall is I think there was about a 2-3 month waiting period when I ordered it a couple years back.
I'll bite, I have four that have become permanent fixtures meaning that at some point one or more are with with me at almost all times.
#1 All time most comfortable holster and carried rig (I should note that it is actually the second incarnation in the last 9 years).
The Kramer horsehide pocket holster for the J frame revolver, I actually wore the first one down to catchers mit softness in year 6 and upgraded to black in year 9 with a new 342pd. (I know it's not a
real gun etc..but it works and it is always with me.)
#2 Mitch Rosen Seacamp pocket holster, enough said you know why and when.
#3 Mark Garrity's Incognito with fixed loops
in Sting Ray and Shark Skin for the 1911.
I have soaked, oiled, swam, and rolled down a mountain with this holster and it is still exceptionally comfortable, secure and it distributes the weight of a steel 1911 perfectly so that I do not feel "hip heavy".
#4 Mitch Rosen ARG for the Sig P228/P229 I was issued a Sig 228 in a former life and carried it under a fitted suit for 7 years
in that holster and I still have a strong back and hip with out any pinched nerves or aches. When I changed occupations I upgraded
to the P229 in .357 Sig and my well worn holster was once again snug and had a new lease on life.
I should note that there should be a section on belts as I have gone through at least a few dozen of all makes ( and no it was not due to weight gain), and some of them were very expensive and I know it would be handy but no one makes a tapered leather front brass buckled, Kydex lined, heavy nylon web instructor belt to wear under a suit.
Although I have been working with a Garrity Shark and Stingray for the last two years and have found them to be very good.
These are my favorites, now I need to sell off the hoslter vault.....
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The one I use and enjoy most is my Sparks Roadrunner, however I'm planning on an Alessi CQC/S as soon as my wife forgets how much money I just spent on my new gun.
Hey Mute, they NEVER forget. :wink:
Depends. For my Sig P220 it's Lou's CQC/S. For my Glock 19/33 combo, it's Mark THG's BS-2, and for a Kahr K9, Mike Benedict's PDL.

I would agree with DD completely about little differences making a big difference in comfort with an IWB holster. Some I can wear with no discomfort -- others hurt within the first hour!
I'm generally going to try and avoid chiming in like this to avoid the appearance of favoritism :grin:, but I have been very happy with the GWH from Dane/Lou. As Mas Ayoob puts it, I'm a hefty mammal, and my car seat has agressive side bolsters. That makes it really hard to get a comfortable fit for a IWB gun. I've tried several different holsters from Milt, Galco, and some others I can't remember, and the GWH is the first I've found to be comfortable.

It also conceals well, holds the gun securely, and is set up for rapid presentation.
I have been very pleased with Derry Gallgher's ADS Scabbard and Texican holsters. I also own a couple of his belts and mag pouches. I did request, and purchase from him, a special pouch for my Leatherman (I like his work).

His website pictures do not do his work justice and I understand his site will be updated soon.

As the lucky winner of a shark trimmed BCP/Alessi GWH it is rumored that it will someday be my favorite. :wink: 'Till then, it is my blade-tech iwb with pull the dot straps. WAY fast and comfortable, but makes me happy that I went with hardchrome on the gun.
Well, I'll be the first dissenter and state that some of my favorite holsters are made of Kydex and not leather! My favorite open top holster is the Mad Dog Taylor Thunderbolt. It rides with the trigger guard at belt level (that's fairly low compared to many other rigs), which allows a short guy like me to effect a smooth draw. The Mad Dog Thumb Break for the Glock 23 has been a winner for similar reasons as the T-Bolt. Plastic gun and plastic holster are natural! The Milt Sparks Executive Companion was a great inside pants, when I carried that way. The Alessi ankle holster for the J frame Smith or a Glock 26/27 is the best ankle holster, period. I have yet to find a favorite thumb break holster for the 1911, though Lou and Dane are working on something for me.
"Favorite" holster right now is David Elderton's Ky-Tac "Braveheart". Very secure and comfortable for CCW and wickedly fast for IDPA, etc. Also use his "Sooper Hooper" for 1911, BHP & Glock 21. Have Mad Dog stuff for Glocks {IWB} and a favored P7M8, just their basic OTB that has served well for CCW & IDPA. Mad Dog does indeed make great Kydex. Other than Kydex it's prettey much Lou's gear all the way: CQC-S & Talon+. Am a sucker for the convienience ot the Talon+ just too easy to use due to its versatillity, etc.
Three Kydex users in a row -- YIKES! Luigi, quick break out your magic scent! :lol:

I gotta laugh, as I recently bought a Braveheart. Hey, I'm a Scot, how could I resist a holster named in honor of Sir William Wallace!?!? :smile:

Seriously, I bought this to go with my new Glock. Pretty slick little holster. I was interested to see the mag holder was so detailed that you could actually see the bullet outline in the bottom. The rock-lock flying buttress does serve to anchor the holster in position. Seems to be the perfect mate to my Tupperware.

Don't worry Lou, I am not going over to the dark side... :grin:

IWB, Sparks Executive Companion

Ankle, Alessi

OWB, Ky-Tac Sooper Hooper

Sorry about the Kydex thing man. It just works that out way sometimes.

Tom Freeman
Mostly now a days I carry my Commander in a Mitch Rosen Style Master shoulder Holster and about 30% of the time I use a Mitch Rosen ARG DL.Now I need a Holster for My S&W 1076.
My current favorite belt holster
is the Alessi CQC. It has everything
it needs and nothing it doesn't.
In fact, I find myself carrying my
S&W 3913 more than I normally would
just because I like the holster so well.

IWB it's the Wilson Featherweight for a
full size 1911. Another minimalist
design in my opinion.

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Personally I like a belt holster, and the one I like best is my Wilson Practical. I wear it daily, then use it in competition.
My personal favorite for an OWB holster is the Burns/Alessi ACP that I use to carry a Springfield 5". It is easily the most comfortable OWB that I've owned and yet it is also one of the easiest to draw from either standing or sitting.

For an IWB it would be between a Galco Royal Guard or the Alessi Talon...with the slight nod going to the Talon because of the leather 'flap' that goes between the hammer and my side. Though I'm not a big fan of a holster that I can take on and off easily, the Talon performs that task rather well.

Of course I have yet to try the Burns/Alessi GWH but am looking forward to doing just that as it seems to be well recieved by most everyone that has tried it.
I'll jump in here and add a few:

Ankle Carry: Ken Null's ANK or Lou's ankle rig are both top of the line. I have lived with both on extended days and they are secure and comfortable.

Belt Rig: For suits with 1 1/4" belts, I wear a 1911 in an Alessi/Heinie DOJ or my Cylinder & Slide Adventurer in a CQCS. In jeans with a wider belt, I like my Sparks 55BN or the classic 1AT.

IWB: Being thin, the only rig I have found that is comfortable is the Executive Companion EX by Sparks. I almost forget I have a 1911 on.

Pocket: A lot of good rigs are out there. I like Thad Rybka's for my Seecamp and TPH. I have two of Sparks rigs, one for a j frame and one for a Kahr MK-9. I like the metal insert which Tony uses that helps mold the rig to the body and pocket.

Kydex: I like the Blade Tech rig I have for a 1911 and combo mag/6P pouch. The Skunkworks paddle rig for my G-26 is by far the best paddle rig I have every owned. Mad Dog has some of the toughest kydex. And, don't forget the new Uncle Mikes kydex that will sell for under $25.00. The samples I have are very well done.

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I have two holsters made by Alessi, the favorite is ACP I bought from Dane, which I carry for my kimber compact, the other is the CQC/S for my colt Gov. Both are great pieces of work :grin:
I know I responded to this yesterday...

Anyway, for my G-19 work gun, I use Alessi's CQC-S, a Milt Sparks CC-AT, Wild Bill's Belt Slide, and a Gallagher horsehide Jeffee for most plainclothes work.

For IWB, I use a Milt Sparks Versa-Max for the G-19, and an Alessi Hideout and Talon for the J-frame.

I use a Renegade ankle rig for my J-frame, because I have never gotten together with Lou to get one of his.

In Kydex I use Mad Dog and Cen-Dex belt rigs, and a paddle from Skunkworks, which is the most comfortable paddle rig I have used.

For IDPA I use two guns: For my 1911, I have a Gallagher Jeffee in horsehide mated to a mag pouch from Alessi. I use the Mad Dog belt scabbard for my G-17, with accompanying mag pouches in kydex. (I'm gonna be looking for a rig for my S&W 625-2.)

Oz - IDPA# AO9766 "You can't miss fast enough to win the gunfight." - Ross Seyfried

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