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I'll jump in here and add a few:

Ankle Carry: Ken Null's ANK or Lou's ankle rig are both top of the line. I have lived with both on extended days and they are secure and comfortable.

Belt Rig: For suits with 1 1/4" belts, I wear a 1911 in an Alessi/Heinie DOJ or my Cylinder & Slide Adventurer in a CQCS. In jeans with a wider belt, I like my Sparks 55BN or the classic 1AT.

IWB: Being thin, the only rig I have found that is comfortable is the Executive Companion EX by Sparks. I almost forget I have a 1911 on.

Pocket: A lot of good rigs are out there. I like Thad Rybka's for my Seecamp and TPH. I have two of Sparks rigs, one for a j frame and one for a Kahr MK-9. I like the metal insert which Tony uses that helps mold the rig to the body and pocket.

Kydex: I like the Blade Tech rig I have for a 1911 and combo mag/6P pouch. The Skunkworks paddle rig for my G-26 is by far the best paddle rig I have every owned. Mad Dog has some of the toughest kydex. And, don't forget the new Uncle Mikes kydex that will sell for under $25.00. The samples I have are very well done.

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