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I know I responded to this yesterday...

Anyway, for my G-19 work gun, I use Alessi's CQC-S, a Milt Sparks CC-AT, Wild Bill's Belt Slide, and a Gallagher horsehide Jeffee for most plainclothes work.

For IWB, I use a Milt Sparks Versa-Max for the G-19, and an Alessi Hideout and Talon for the J-frame.

I use a Renegade ankle rig for my J-frame, because I have never gotten together with Lou to get one of his.

In Kydex I use Mad Dog and Cen-Dex belt rigs, and a paddle from Skunkworks, which is the most comfortable paddle rig I have used.

For IDPA I use two guns: For my 1911, I have a Gallagher Jeffee in horsehide mated to a mag pouch from Alessi. I use the Mad Dog belt scabbard for my G-17, with accompanying mag pouches in kydex. (I'm gonna be looking for a rig for my S&W 625-2.)

Oz - IDPA# AO9766 "You can't miss fast enough to win the gunfight." - Ross Seyfried

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