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What kind of wrist watch do you wear.....(more)

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I am a purist when it comes to watches and place great value on the craftmanship of mechanical timepieces, although quartz watches have there place(ala glock). I feel a good mechanical is similar to good 1911...hard to beat.

Here's my favorite, a SINN 156.

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"even you timex wearers." OH, OH, OH. You know how to hurt a guy. :smile: :smile:
Stolen from Rosco :grin:

"Timex wearers attent appointments set by Rolex wearers"

Good thing because the Rolex is not the best time piece available. (Hint: the Rolex is made to run a little fast)
I'm pretty tough on watches, so I'll wear a junker during the work week and save the Omega Seamaster Pro as the weekend watch. On special occasions I've been know to port any one of the following:

Cartier Tank Americaine
Corum Golden Bridge
Omega De Ville Prestige

What can I say? I love my watches. I'd like to get a Patek Phillipe Grand Complication in rose gold.
I bought my Rolex from a nice Jamaican gentleman in Battery Park, NYC. It keeps good time, even though I rarely wear it, and don't wind it - it just keeps on ticking. Plus, I got a great deal on it - only $20.
Timex Expedition. Cheap. Has all the bells and whistles I want, alarm, date, light, and waterproof to 50M. Not worried about losing it.
Omega Speedmaster Professional, worn almost daily for 23 years...it is beat, but it works perfectly and is worth 3 times what I paid for it in 1978 or 79.
Same as JimmyD,

Omega Speedmaster Professional (mkII).

Have worn it for thirty years.
Cost all of two hundred dollars back
On 2001-04-09 08:29, bradford wrote:
I can buy another 50 BMG for what you guys spend on a time piece.My watch just needs to tell the time. OH! Timex is 50 proof [after the second hand gets jarred off]. I like all those watches and it looks like some of you guys have a good camera too.
You said it Bradford!!! :smile:
I wear a $14.95 Casio "illuminator" I bought at the local drug store on sale :grin: when it stops working I'll just buy another cheapo, how else could I afford to buy a Burns custom job :grin: :grin: :wink:


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Dad and I went half-and-half on a $400 Seiko when I graduated from military flight training. That was well over a decade ago, and I'm still wearing the same watch today. I fully expect to be wearing it 20 years from now if I have a choice in the matter.

Sort of reminds me of the saying, "find something you like, and keep it forever." This applies awfully well to 1911s ... don't you think? :smile:


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I bought a SS Rolex Submariner chronograph at the Navy Exchange in DaNang in 1966, for $125.00. It's still ticking but needs to go in for a cleaning and to get the self-winder fixed.

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I have an Esquire, so I guess you can call me Newton45 ESQUIRE.... :lol:
I didn't buy it though. My wife got it as her wedding gift to me. I would never spend that much on a watch when I could spend it somewhere else.
I wore a Tag 2000 for a few years, but watched in horror as it flew 60 or so feet after bein' torn from my wrist by a 300lb limb I was cuttin'..it wound up at the bottom of the pile but a groundman found it and it still works perfectly;)

I started wearin' a Lorus after that and just keep changin' the batteries and even more often, the velcro that attaches it to my wrist.... Kinda' miss the weight of the Tag...don't miss that tearin' feelin' of my skin gettin' shredded though!

Guess I'm "old school" I'm still wearing the same Rolex Submariner I've been wearing since 1983. Bought it second hand off of a buddy that got it out of the Saigon PX in '70 or so. *Used to have the receipt, but lost it*
My wife says I can't have another watch until this one breaks and can't be repaired, so I guess I'll be wearing it til the day I die.
I guess things could be worse.
Ken, you may be interested to know that for about $500, Rolex will refurbish your Sub to an essentially NEW version. From what I'm told, the only original part you'll get back is the case! Now, if all the scratches, dings, and patina all add up to cherished memories, then this would not be for you. But, if you long for a 'new' one, that's the way to go.

As for me: Omega SeaMaster Pro(quartz), Citizen Eco-Drive(quartz), Scwharz-Etienne 43mm pilot(manual) and a Fortis Flieger Pilot auto w/white dial.
I need a watch that's indestructible but not priced beyond belief. I have killed a lot of watches in my time. It has to be tough, waterproof, etc. I don't know why i'm such a watchkiller, but the years have proven it. The only one I haven't managed to kill so far is this Gshock that I've been wearing daily for 3 or 4 years.

It's basic and black (like my Glock) and I wear it every day (dress or casual) and it's even my morning alarm to wake up to.

Go with what works, that's what i did.

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Put me down as another SS Rolex Submariner owner. Bought mine in Anchorage, Alaska, thirty-five years ago and have worn it almost every day since then.

In the spirit of complete candor I have to admit that it has a new band, new crystal (three times),new face (the flourescent compound crapped out), new insert in the bezel (same reason), and new hands (ditto). But hey....it's still the same watch.:lol:

By the way, with the exception of the band and crystals, Rolex replaced all the other parts N/C.
You guys are obviously much better informed on watches and perhaps live in areas where high-end watches are marketed. Perhaps you could advise me of a reputable place to sell my used rolex that was received ten years ago as a bonus. I don't care for this EBAY auction as it's littered with watch dealers that I know nothing of..... [email protected]
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