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What size is the Front Sight Dovetail in a Kimber/ CM??

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Anybody please. Thanks.
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Hello. I got that information a few weeks ago from Kimber, but lost it! I've looked everywhere. Sorry. I do recall ordering a front sight blank via Brownell's that was close, but not exact and having to work on it for a match to my slide's dovetail.

If Dane Burns sees this or you can email him, he will know this information as he works on lots and lots of Kimbers.

The front blade sight is .180 inches high.

Hello, Fryder1944. I THINK this is right. The closest sight blank I could find at Brownell's had these dimensions:

65degrees X .330" X 0.075"

IF I'm remembering correctly, that matched Kimber's IF you stoned it such that it was

65degrees X .330" X 0.700."

I THINK this is right.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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