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Whats the diff between the Expert and Tactical?

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Only rented the basic HK 45 a couple times and I kinda like it. Local dealer has the expert and tactical for sale w/ a $200 difference. There any big differences between them? I have the money to buy either of them, but that would jeopardize my current project plans :sad: Should I buy one of them?
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I have the Tactical, and having shot the Expert on a few occasions, I'd recommend the former over the latter.

Even if you never plan on adding a silencer, Capital City Firearms markets a flash suppressor for the Tactical that not only significantly reduces flash signature, it also noticeably tightens groups and improves follow-up shots by dampening felt recoil. At a cost of about $100, this product really improves overall performance.

I added a SureFire Tac light, which diminishes recoil even further, to complete the package. Blackhawk makes a holster specifically designed for the rig.

I think the total cost for everything was around $1250.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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