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Any thoughts on when to take your carry gun out of action and convert it to a range gun? With a good quality production 40 S&W (Sig P229) I have arbitrarily decided to convert from carry to range use when the gun hits 10, 000 rounds. This decision is based on the notion that after 10,000 rounds I'm much more likely to break an extractor or trigger linkage that would put the gun out of action in a fight.
I'm aware that Glocks in 9 mm. are reported to go more than 100,000 rounds without breaking parts but all of my guns including H&K 9mm. have had parts breakages by 10,000 rounds that put the gun out of action.

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Hmmmmm....seems a little premature to me. I would be more inclined to give it a tune-up, and replace the worn parts, or at least replace the ones that are prone to breakage.

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If I had a Sig that was being considered being "demoted" to Range only use I would still send it to Exeter & have them go thru it. Any Sig have bought used have done the same and they have always gone thru it from top to bottom bringing it up to their current specs, gratis, so long as was having other work performed on the pistol like a trigger job, etc.

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The question should be, "Where to retire your old carry gun."

Send your old blasters to "Tonerguy's Home for Retired Carry Guns."

It's the only compassionate thing to do for your old carry gun. Send 'em where they can be in the company of other old carry guns from around the good old USA. They can share war stories, get tipsy on daily shots of CLP or Hoppes #9, breath fragrant whisps of gunsmoke out on the porch at sunset.

They'll love our exercise program, too. We'll fire them daily at easy targets. No hot loads, no 50-yard targets for those old geezers, just big, close targets that look like Bill Clinton and Janet Reno. Gives 'em sumpin' to talk about at the end of the day, you know.

Every night we'll let 'em watch old gangster movies, Hopalong Cassidy or Dirty Harry until bedtime and then each will sleep like a baby in it's own softly-lined pistol rug personalized with its name on it.

Next to the pistol rug will be an 8X10 glossy photograph of you, the former owner, with a smile and a wave and a little moisture in your eye. Your generosity in the golden years will never be forgotten.

We allow visits from former owners but you have to look through one-way glass so they don't know you've come to visit. Our experience has been that it's too traumatic on the old geezers to see their former owners.

We're adding more services all the time and there is a place for your old primer-popper at our facility. Prices are reasonable. Even the Heinie Wing and the Burns Wing are affordable. The Swenson Wing is a little pricey though.

Check out our website at http://www.sendusyouroldgeezerblasterto ... ryguns.com

Looking forward to hearing from you. :wink:

"Your aim in life is not worth anything if you don't pull the trigger."

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