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Hello. I'm certainly not as well versed in magazines and the 1911s as many of the 'smiths and shooters here, but in my personal experience, the following has proven true:

* Some of my eight-round magazines are reliable in some of my 1911s, but not all.

* All of my 7-rnd magazines are reliable in all of my 1911s.

I shoot with a friend who is a 1911 fiend and he is always tinkering with his Baer, Wilson, etc 8-rnd magazines. He has a few that work perfectly all the time and reserves them for duty. Most of the time, I see at least one failure to lock the slide back when empty with his Baers and he understands and maintains his pistols.

For anything serious, my forty-five would be loaded with a total of 8 rnds using a Wilson 7-rnd magazine. (Or, one of the old Randall's.) Others may disagree and that's fine, but such has been what I've seen and what I personally will go by.

Best and good shooting.
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