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Who Is Your Favorite Smith?

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Most of you already know who my favorite smith is, but I would like to hear about other smiths and why they are your personal favorite. What is it about dealing with this particular smith that works for you? What is it that you are seeking from a good smith?


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Pistols? Dane Burns. If you own one of his pistols, you know why. No bullshit guy, calls it like he sees it and builds it like it oughta be built: To go bang when you pull the trigger. I have no desire to own a pistol built by anyone else.

Rifles? Bill Wylde. The man who wrote the book on the AR-15, and was winning competitions with his own creations before many of us were walking. He builds the prototypes that the "big names" copy and sell to the military. His 6.5x284 rifle made me sell all my 300 win maggie stuff, outshoots the 300, with the recoil of a 243. When he dies, every other riflesmith moves up one notch. His waiting list? Counted in eons. Most honest man I know.
1 - 1 of 51 Posts
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