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Today I became the proud owner of a bone stock 1991a1 Colt Commander. I ran about 250 rounds of ball through it and about 100 of Hollow points without a single jam....All I want to do to it is the following:

1)trigger job (smoother not lighter)

2)tactical thumb safety

3)nite sights (heinies or wilsons)

4)checkering or scalloping (optional depending on length of time needed)

I basically want to turn this pistol into a nice carry piece. I am 90% happy with it. I dont want to wait 3 years that the master pistolsmiths have as backlogs....Any reccomendations?


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If you go with scalloping, that will limit that part of the job to one of two sources...Richard Heinie or Dane Burns. Both offer this service with a quick turnaround and either would be able to do the other work you want (although in what timeframe I cannot say).

If you elect to go with checkering, then your options increase. EGW (George Smith & team) does exceptional work with a reasonable turnaround. You might also try Don Williams. SDM builds a tidy pistol too. Don't forget Novaks either (though I doubt if they would install a Heinie sight). Kurt Wickmann would be a good choice too. Of course, we can't forget Chuck Rogers.

There are many others. If I didn't mention them it doesn't mean anything other than they didn't come to mind.

http://www.theactionworks.com (Don Williams)
http://www.kwgw.com (Kurt Wickmann)
http://www.sundog-shooters.com/rogers.html (Chuck Rogers)


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Just IMHO Burn`s basic" Reliabilty Package" , as well as his "Fed Package" ( what you are looking for) are the best deals available right now, although I don`t know what his turnaround time is either nowadays....

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