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Oh yeah, this better be worth it. Just sold my Ruger P89, which I got couple of weeks ago and pick up a glock G19.. I love the look and the feel of this gun, I hope it live up to it reputation. Can't wait to take it out to the range over the weekend.

will be checking this forum if I have any questions pertaining to this gun.

later all,
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Ahhh the nostalgia; the 19 was the first to pop my glock cherry. You should love it! It is a perfect balance of compactness, capacity, and ruggedness. Ever since the 19, I have been addicted to Glocks. Next was the 34, 27, 31, and now the 21. The 34 and 31 are fricken laserbeams, accurate as heck. I have not shot the 21, so I can't comment on it. I definately recommend you order some pre-bans for it, if you don't already have some. Check out ivanhoeoutlet.com for nfml mags at $59 bucks, a good price for pre-bans.

Good luck with the 19!
Hope the 19 has lived up to your hopes. All the 19s I have shoot have been very good guns. The 19 is what I chose to CCW and sometimes shoot IDPA.

It should serve you well.

I believe you'll be very happy with your purchase. My 19 has performed flawlessly thus far, though for a Glock it's barely broken in, with only a few thousand rounds through it.:smile:

I just did have to replace the trigger return spring (don't know if that's the technical name--I'm kinda dim), however. That's a pretty effecient cost of repair/use ratio, I'm thinkin'.

Enjoy your new pistola.
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