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Who's brass for 45ACP do you like to reload...

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...and why?
Which one has the thickest case head?
Do you know of a distributer that takes PayPal besides the Ammoman?

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bought all types - win/rem/gi/tzz/imi/s&b/loose range brass/range pickups/etc win bestfor me as long as not militaty with crimp. worst is any with crimp (wra the worst) followed by s&b which often has very tight primers. it all shoots to the same place for me as i don't do bullseye
Hello. I use WCC or Federal as I have more of that than any other. It also is thick enough that gripping thin JHPs is no problem.
I've also had good luck with IMI.

On 2001-04-23 17:19, Stephen A. Camp wrote:
Hello. I use WCC or Federal as I have more of that than any other. It also is thick enough that gripping thin JHPs is no problem.
I've also had good luck with IMI.

Thanks......What are you referring to as "thick" and what's WCC?
If you are referring to the rim of the case head, that would be the answer to "my" question...thanks, if not...what?

TIA and thanks for the replies...I've always had good luck with Winchester for rimmed cases, but this will be my first go at rimless...for pistols. :wink:



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Hello. WCC is Winchester usually obtained in my case by firng their "white label" "USA" ball ammo...for the cases. Thick meant their wall thickness. I've not measured it. Just had really good luck with this stuff and jacketed bullets.

Gyp_c, "thickest case head" ???? Sounds like someone's planning on ++++PPPP+++++ loads with all that Blue Dot and AA#5 that you've got stashed away. "knock, knock, KNOCK" - Is that the BATF at your door? :wink:

I second Stephen's liking of Winchester, as far as commercially loaded brass goes.

I also like Starline. It may be just me, but I find Starline's brass can be brought to a nice polish in my tumbler in half the time as some others I have tried.

I liked Federal, but found the the primer pockets would loosen up on a lot sooner than other manufacturers. Maybe I just got a bunch of weak brass.....

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Hello. I use quite abit of Starline myself.
Never had any problems with it.

Thanks all...I always used WW for my loads for "Maggie"...figured I'd do the same for my...."low-powered practice loads" :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yeah...I use those "a lot"...you guys crack me up...-P-P-P-P-P-P---YUKYUKYUKYUK... :wink:
Anything but Remington. Have had much trouble with Remington cracking on mouth of case.
Haven't been reloading .45 ACP for very long. Only brass I've had problems with is AMERC. I toss it all now when I sort. Everything else I've used has run fine.
I have good luck with Winchester, Starline, and Federal. Bye all means, pitch the A-MERC! I've got me one of Dillon's new "A-MERC warning buzzers". One of them cases comes anywhere near the shell plate and that damn buzzer goes off. Silly ole' me then checks the primer supply. :wink: HeHe.
...good one...:lol:
Thanks, guys... you have partly answered a question I had from this weekend... which brass NOT to use. I've got about 100 A-MERC cases I'll now set aside or toss in the brass recycle bin. Who makes this stuff, and what problems have you seen with it?

I'm also wondering if anyone segregates brass marked +P and saves it for special projects.

I think it comes from AmericanAmmo or somethin'...

Anyone know for sure?
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