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I've noticed that some people disfavor the .357 Mag but like the 9x23. Given that the 9x23 was, at least in part, designed to replicate true magnum ballistics in an auto, why the disfavor of one and support for another? Is it simply the platform (auto vs. revolver) or am I missing something?

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buzz...don't count me in the camp that doesn't appreciate the .357maggie, it is an excellent cartridge. I have shot things with it that probably deserved a bigger cartridge...and it all died, fast.

But, alas, no .357 mag in a 1911...so, I went to the 9x23. Less recoil, same thing: Stuff dies when you shoot it :grin:

Jump in buzz...the 9x23 water is great :lol:

The 9x23 and .357 Magnum are really only smilar in speed/velocity.
They are not related, as one idea did not stem the other.
The 9x23 is actually much closer to the .38Super with some very marked and similar design methodologies with the .9mm NATO.

Without going through a very long list and detailing each item and differnece, it is far easier to go with Dane's answer.

I believe you may just read a very similar article that details the differences in more detail about 4-5 months from now on your local newsstand. :wink:

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I have shot 9x23 in my .357 mag, but I can't shoot 357 mag in my 9x23.

The rear of 357 mag chambers are from .3809" to .3849" per SAAMI.

9x23 brass is between .3840" and .3910" per SAAMI.

So 10% of the 9x23 should drop right in a shoot, right?

The 357 mag chambers are all .381".
The 9x23 brass is all .3855".

Rather than do it all legally per SAAMI and ream the chamber and resize the brass, I just resized the 9x23 brass all the way down to .381".

The shell holders were easy to grind and shim, but the carbide die required diamond cutting to remove the radius at the oriface.
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