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Why are pistol smiths grouchy?

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I talked to Dick Heine the first of the week. He was grouchy. I was grouchy the week before and it hasn't gotten any better.
Larry is beside himself over the Kimbers he has been working on.

You have to ask why?

Here's why :lol:

The Single Stack Classic is April 28 and 29!

Springfield is the major sponsor and Dick Hieinie wrangles his buddies to build donation guns from the kits Springfield supplies for match prizes. It is a GREAT deal for everyone...well almost everyone :roll: I assume Larry Vickers is doing one , I am doing one, and Dick's right hand man, Matt is doing his own gun for the match this again this year. Plus Dick's OA winner's gun. I am sure there are a bunch more besides the three I am sure of.

So why are we grouchy? Well as of a week ago....three of us hadn't started their prize guns yet. :eek:

Things are a little hectic and they all fall to Richard Heinie in the end to make the match a success.

Good luck to Dick and all the shooters of the 2001 SSC....BTW my gun should be there on Tuesday FED EX :grin:

Sorry, no pictures this time :oops:

Gotta go! Back to work! :grin:
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Bruce, buddy, I have been trying to get back to you all week but the email keeps bouncing. I have several guns you MUST have....

Just give me a call :grin:
Well, I got more done than I thought I would this week :grin: There will be a nice BCP 38 Super on Dick Heinie's Single Stack prize table!

Have fun and enjoy yourself...and I hope you win that gun :eek:
Super? Because most of the competition crowd hasn't a clue how good 9x23 really is. The vast majority in IPSC and IDPA, shoot 38 supers in a minor power factor. While my signature guns are 9x23, no reason to attempt the education of some poor smuch that will just as likely want to sell the pistol the moment they win it anyway :grin:

38 Super is also cheaper to shoot and easier to make run.

I want 9x23 and the option of the power level. But this one is a "GIVE AWAY" gun, so I made it easy on me and easy on the new owner of a BCP.

Anyone going to the SSC match please let the winner know I will offer a instant cash buy back on this handgun.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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