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I'm no Bullseye shooter, but the 1911s place in such competitions is well-founded. Properly fitted, they are inherently very accurate -- to the point where most of the higher end models are capable of far greater accuracy than their operators.

... I'm prejudiced against [1911s] since I shot them in the army ...
You're by no means alone here. The last batch of 1911A1s the Army purchased were delivered in 1945 (!!), and their age was really showing by the time most of us entered the service. The fact that these old veterans were still even serviceable was a real tribute to their durability, but I'll never forget the distinctive rattle they all had when you shook them. Accuracy? Yeah, right.

Get back in the car, and go back down to a good gunshop. Take another look at a modern commercial 1911 from Colt, Kimber, Springfield or any of the custom shops. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised by what you find -- and I am willing to wager that you'll be even more pleased once you have taken one to the range.

Where extreme accuracy is paramount, any Wilson or Baer will be more than adequate for your needs -- and there are a myraid of equally worthy choices for the same (or even less) money.

Contrary to what you've been told, it is not expensive to get a 1911 -- most any 1911 -- to shoot accurately. What gets expensive is all of the tinkering and customization that you will be tempted to do after you become a die-hard proponent of the design. I dare say that no one actually NEEDS a $2,000+ 1911 but they sure do make a guy happy. I can't remember getting greater satisfaction from any model of firearm I've owned.

All this, and "nice to look at" too? How can you possibly lose? :grin:

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