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Wilderness tacital Instructor belts

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I have one in the 1.5 inch varity.
I really like it. Not dress but it holds weight up pretty well. Anybody else have one?
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I have a 1.5" 5 sticher and love it.
I cary my glock 30 in a sidearmor IWB. It rides great. I love how quick it is. The only modifiaction I made is to add some gaffers tape to the front of the buckle. Every time you undo it and move around it sounds like you're taking off armor :smile: I can only imagine what others in the rest room thought. The tape keeps the metal from banging arround.

Outstanding quality at a resonable price. Nice with Kydex Belt Holsters.
I really like mine too. Never know when you might have to pick up a Buick with your belt. :smile:
Beyond a doubt my favorite hard use belt, very strong, stable, and the buckle attachment ring is very useful.
Wearing mine right now, 1.5 5 stich...
If I undo it and just let it hang, it still supports my Glock 20

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I have a 1 3/4" Combat Shooter's Model. That particular model sandwiches a polyethylene insert between the layers of fabric. This makes for a very rigid and stable belt. It is a little bit of overkill IMO and the extra rigidity might bother some wearers. A 1 1/2" Instructor belt would likely be better for use with most IWB holsters. The feel of the CSM is like a stiff leather shooting belt, except it is a bit thinner. Good for use with lots of gear and heavy guns with a belt slide type holster. I have one of their zip slides for 1911s and some of their mag pouchs too. Like'em. Great gear and the company really stands their products.

For those reader who would like to see these belts and other excellent gear -- go to: http://www.thewilderness.com/

Every time you undo it and move around it sounds like you're taking off armor.
I know exactly what you mean.

Rrrrrrrrrrrip. Jangle. CLANK!

Is the 1 1/2" 3 stitch stiff enough or should I order the 5 stitch?
Yup...if you ever lose your piece, you can still kill with the damn thing...Geez...I like the keeper idea to assist with noise management...Could double as a bell ringer!

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