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Wilson CQB & Alessi/BCP GWH combo pic

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now that Hilton showed me how to post pictures, I'm the new picture posting fool :smile:
this is what I'm using till I get my BCP gun.it's a Wilson CQB with Heinie Slant Pro's and Ahrend Tactical grips in Cocobolo.

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Amazing! Except for the stocks (CMC slim carry), that's the same setup I'm using. Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long for Dane to complete our "real" guns.
Terry, did you send the slide to Heinie? what did you do about the front sight? the dovetail is different so Heinie cut serrations on the wilson front but it's still not as good as an original Heinie front sight.
The CQB works but it aint no BCP!
When I wanted Heinies on my Kimber, I just sent him the slide. Good looking combo, Shay.

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Glad the crash course worked out! Nice GWH -- I like mine too!
Yeah, I am diggin' it, now that we have all these picture postin' fools hard at work! Go man, go man! :grin:


I did send it to Heinie for installation. He left the Wilson front sight, said it was the same height at the Heinie. No problem with it so far.

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