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Here goes. As far as I know all Wilson shok-buffs are the same, I have been using them for years in my 5 inch 1911's. At first Kimber advised not to use shok-buffs but my 5 inch Stainless Classic runs just fine with them. Now to you Pro Carry as you have to use a pin or bent paper clip to capture the recoil spring I will tell you it is a booger bear to let the recoil plug loose and then to reinstall it as the spring is heavy. Make sure you have a good hold on the recoil plug as you remove the pin so you don't launch it into low earth orbit. Been there done that.

I suggest that you try one and see if your Pro Carry will run with them. Shok Buffs take up a little space and it may just be enough to cause functioning problems. If this occurs just don't use them.

Maybe Dane Burns is prowling on the forum and can add his expertise with Kimber's to answer if Kimber Pro Carry's and Compacts run well with shok buffs.


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