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They are perfectly legal to own. The 'Law Enforcment Only' bit serves basically two purposes.

1) As Mr DiFabio mentioned, several of the Winchester round are '+P+' levels. I think they drive their 230gr .45 985fps. So they keep it out of old guns and avoid civil liability.

2) Marketing: it makes the cops feel special (no joke).

Personally, I think Winchester SXT and Ranger-T are some of the best bullets out there. Do you lose anything without having the sharp petals? Who knows, but they can't hurt. Flash is a worthwhile consideration; though the SXT line is purported to have very low flash already, it is certainly worth looking for any improvment.

Anyone with a 9mm should check out the Winchester 9mm Ranger SXT +P+, as it is almost universally accepted as the finest 9x19mm round there is. Mr DiFabio could speak more on that.

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