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Winchester White Box .40

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Bought some boxes of this in 180 grain JHP this week to test in my Glock 35 after hearing good things about this ammo. My question is: what is the difference between the bullet in this economy load and the Supreme SXT?
Thank you.
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It's a totally different bullet than the one used in the SXT, or Ranger T rounds. I prefer the white box USA loads as they offer more penetration, and a lower cost.
It may be somewhat antagonsitic, but in short the white box "plain" loading is worth using and well worth the price.

The SXT Supreme is not worth the cost of the packaging, I wouldn't say it is the worst load out there as the Star Fire actually holds that title.
David, after testing the SXT and Starfire in 9mm, .40, and .45, I would have to agree. The Winchester USA white box JHP's in .40 and .45, as well as the Winchester Subsonic(OSM) load in 9mm are my choices.
It's good stuff at a great price. Is this (USA JHP) the same bullet they put in the original 10/40 loads? And the subsonic 40 load? Sure looks like it.

From CPRC, 1994, bare gel, heavy cloth, through pig rib:

Win 180 JHP 14.6/.66, 14.4/.63, 13.7/.63
Win 180 SXT 13.25/.71, 14.25/.71, 12.1/.71
Speer 180 GD 13.4/.69, 13.5/.62, 13.3/.66
PMC 180 SF 11.9/.71, 13.3/.65, 11.2/.72

Mike >>>>----->

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Michael, yes the projectile used in the USA .40 180gr brand is the same one that Winchester first marketed back in 1990 in their Supreme line.
The 1994 stats for the GD may not be up to date, as I believe Speer changed the design since that period.
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