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New in the Box 2010 Dan Wesson Valor. Unfired, perfect new condition, been sittin in the box. They took their time on this one, best one I've handled out of all the 2010 DW Valors. This is #47 too, great number to have.

I have to say the trigger on this particular Valor is better than any trigger I've ever felt. It's actually better than my Nighthawk's trigger, and a couple Colt's I've had an amazing gunsmith work on. Crisp 4lb pull with absolutely no creep. There is barely any take up, but just enough.

This one is built solid as a tank, nothing rattles or moves the slightest bit, but the slide rides along the frame like glass.

As you can see, these come with a pair of Frag grips ($65 alone), as well as the standard double diamond G10 grips that it originally comes with. Everything in the picture is included (except for that magazine inserted into the Valor in the 3rd picture).

$1,550. I paid over $1650 after taxes so you're actually saving on not having to pay tax. $45 shipping to your FFL or Face-To-Face in the Seattle, WA area, no shipping cost obviously. I don't even really wanna sell it, so if it doesn't get sold, I'll be happy too. Funds are just tight.
*WA residents should be informed that any FFL transfers get taxed now (as of June 2010), from anywhere used gun or new. Face to face is the best option if you want to avoid that tax.

Please email me at [email protected] with any questions at all, I check that most often and will gladly answer any questions you have.

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