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Brand New in Box. Never fired (except for test rounds fired at Nighthawk). Gun is guaranteed for LIFE by Nighthawk, and my experience with their customer service has been none other than amazing. Larry will do whatever it takes to satisfy any need that comes up. Just selling to fund a new car.

This isn't your typical Nighthawk Custom T3 (CCO setup).
This is a special, unique custom gun I had Nighthawk build for me.

Standard T3 features and specs from Nighthawk

Review of the Nighthawk T3 from m1911.org

Based off their T3 Ultimate Carry Pistol model, I had this gun built with options not available on standard T3's (and one feature unique ONLY to this pistol):

-Lightweight Alloy Frame (Guaranteed for life by Nighthawk, costed an extra $250)
-Naked Slide (no rollmarks anywhere, costed an extra $60. Clean & Classy)
-Solid Aluminum Vickers/Yam Hard Use Trigger (no hole in finger pad, overtravel screw is filed to fit through the back)
-Trigger set at 4lbs, crisp/clean break with no creep at all
-Stainless Hammer
-Thin premium cocobolo Nighthawk logo grips (makes it just feel right in your hands)
*Also have a pair of Esmeralda Ivory Wood Hammer of Thor grips similar to these for purchase if you'd like (new, $90. I paid $100 for them):
Esmeralda Grips

**And unique to ONLY THIS particular Lightweight T3 is:
-A Properly Angled Steel Insert Feed Ramp optimized to reliably feed hardball AND hollow points flawlessly. You won't have to worry about dinging up the feed ramp with whatever followers you use in your mags either. Nighthawk tested 70 rounds of hardball, hollowpoint, and SWC. All fed flawlessly.

Comes with:
-Nighthawk Lightweight T3
-SEVEN Nighthawk Magazines (costed quite a bit alone)
-Nighthawk Range Bag
-All papers, including test fire sheet
-pretty much everything in the third photo

$2,950 or best offer. Prices on all Nighthawks have been going up and a custom build such as this is quite pricey now. $45 shipping to your FFL or Face-To-Face in the Seattle, WA area, no shipping cost obviously.
*WA residents should be informed that any FFL transfers get taxed now (as of June 2010), from anywhere used gun or new. Face to face is the best option if you want to avoid that tax.

Please email me at [email protected] with any questions at all, I check that most often and will gladly answer any questions you have.

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