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Just bought this Remington 1911R1 on 9/11/2010, purely to upgrade. Selling to work on another project 1911

BRAND NEW Condition, only 20 test rounds fired through it (post trigger job)

Trigger job done (9/23/2010) by the legendary Peter Dunn aka Peter "Gunn", lead gunsmith and engineer at the former Detonics. Set at a crisp 4 pounds. A bit of take-up of course, then a clean/crisp break with no creep or mushiness whatsoever. He's a true professional, he polished/tuned everything down to the thousandth of an inch on all fire control engagements and you really notice it when you pull the trigger.

Wilson Combat tactical thumb safety also fitted and installed on it with positive actuation (a nice positive CLICK on and off, not mushy like some thumb safeties). I will of course include the original thumb safety (pictured in 3rd and 4th photo) and can reinstall it if requested. Both safeties were fitted to have that positive actuation CLICK, no mushiness.

Comes with the original Short GI aluminum trigger, a Medium length solid Videcki Greider Precision trigger, and Long 10-8 Solid Hard Use aluminum trigger (overtravel screw fixed and set in back, no overtravel screw hole in front of trigger shoe and no chance for screw to come loose, carry ready).

All three triggers have been properly fitted to this gun, and are all interchangeable. Overtravel screws on the Videcki and 10-8 triggers are set properly and loctited so they won't come loose. So choice of trigger is up to the user. The 10-8 Hard Use Long trigger is currently installed, but I will gladly switch out the trigger to any of the other two if you'd like (the 10-8 and Videcki fit the frame slots the best).

I have all the paperwork (including Free Platinum Service Plan from Remington) and receipts for the gun and trigger work.
$689 for the 1911R1
$95 for the trigger job
$25 for Greider Precision solid trigger
$30 for 10-8 Hard Use trigger
$30 for Wilson Combat tactical safety

Selling for $800 face-to-face in the Seattle, WA area, or I can ship from my FFL to your FFL for $45. I'd prefer face-to-face in the Seattle area though so you can feel the trigger for yourself. WA residents should be informed that any FFL transfers get taxed now (as of June 2010), so guns shipped from anywhere used gun or new will get charged sales tax. Face to face is the best option if you want to avoid that tax.

Rosewood grips are NOT included (unless you'd like to purchase them separately for $50), the original Walnut grips pictured will be included.

Feel free to email me with any questions or offers, best way to get ahold of me: [email protected]

and here are links to larger versions of complete package/receipts photos:

Complete Package Photo LARGE
Receipts/Work Order LARGE

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